That may be tough to do since the knob would have to tighten from the top and the bottom instead of just one direction like it does now. Funny you say that because I thought the opposite and mentioned to my wife how great it is that it tightens evenly on my foot. They are awesome boots so far, now will be the test of time. They are by far the most comfortable I have ever warn, even more so than a well broken in pair of hiking boots. Well, maybe not more but at least AS comfortable. I think I may have gone a size too big, they felt fine at the store and at home (I was a little worried because I have to tighten them about as far as they will go but they feel great on my feet so I tried them. They did a few things that make me think I definitely should have got a size smaller. Mostly scrunching in certain areas when I step. This does not dig in to my feet or anything but you can notice it happening when you look at them while I walk. There may be a little too much room in the toe box. I am going to try on a 9 if I can find them in stock somewhere and take it from there if 9 is a better fit.