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    I am tired of using my hip waders. They are heavy and very uncomfortable after walking and fishing all. I have a pair of Cabela's neoprene waders but they are extremely hot. I am looking at some waist or chest waders, I just don't know which ones to get. Cabela's has a few to choose from but I don't want something that is going to leak after a few trips. I also don't want to spend $200 or more on a pair of Simms. Does anyone have any suggestions? Like I said I like what Cabelas's has but I don't want to get ripped off. Thanks

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    I got a pair off Columbia Steelhead waders from Cabela's and they work great! They have worked great for me especially going into the cold weather. They are breathable and are overall very comfortable to wear. I wear these all year long and have had no problems. The link for them are here.

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    I use Gander mountain guide series breathable wader with boot foot, they are 2 seasons old with heavy saltwater use very comfortable and no leaks. I think they were $89. Keep in mind i am not walking thru the woods or briars just sandy beaches. Great deal for the money
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    If you have a little time to comparison shop, I'd look on ebay. Last year I bought a nice pair of Orvis waders (boots attached) as factory seconds for $90. They are GREAT! I've never owned boot attached waders before (i.e. the old rubber ones), but these are goretex (like) and the boots are VERY comfy. And it's soooo nice to get off the river and have all the gear removed in about 20 seconds vs. removing gravel guards, untying boots, etc...

    Just look around for a while and make sure the sizing is correct (using the mfr. site guides, etc.) There's even a lot of 07 closeouts and outfitter used primo stuff on there now. Simms guide series for less than half of retail.

    Good luck.

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    LL bean's basic ($100 or so) waders are highly regarded as one of the best wader values out there.

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    I had a pair of LL bean waders & they developed a small leak after about a year. I was in their store in Maine on my way upstate & mentioned it to the clerk. He said turn them back in so I went out to the car & got them & he replaced them without a blink. The new pair leaked so I stopped back in on my way home 2 wks later & went in all p*ssed off & they gave me a pair of their top of the line waders which I've had for 4 years now & I love them. The point of all this is suggest you buy from someone that cares about the quality of their product & stands by it. Cabella's, LL Bean,Simm's, etc. stand by them.

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    I use Cabelas waders and they are very good. Their customer service and guarantee is also second to none. I paid $104 for mine and they are great.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curtis View Post
    I use Cabelas waders and they are very good. Their customer service and guarantee is also second to none. I paid $104 for mine and they are great.
    What he said ;-)

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    I've been using the Stearns Sealdri plus waders for a couple of years and haven't had a single problem with them. The Forum Fly Shop has a good price on these. I'd still like to get some Simms one of these days, but the ones I have make it hard to spend the money.


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