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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    Big fan, here, of Sealskinz. Available at many/most outdoor stores like REI and through Amazon. Fred's system is the way to go. Key is being sure your boots are big enough (as many have mentioned to this point).

    Good stuff.


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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    I have sock liners with Mylar woven into them. Those with a pair of wool socks work for me. I have glove liners made of the same stuff that work just as well.

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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    Wool socks! In case it hasn't been mentioned...wool socks. Oh yeah; did I mention wool socks yet?

    I fish year round no matter what the temps are. I have fished and waded in single digit temps.

    I have a two layer system for my feet. The first payer is a pair of nylon dress socks. The purpose of this is two-fold. First, it creates a small pocket or air. Second, and this is probably the most important to me. It stops the wool socks from itching my feet.

    The second layer is wool socks. I have various brands, colors, styles,etc...they are all wool though.
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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm


    I can recommend "Tennis-socks" and over that wool socks. My wife and my grandmother are knitting socks in "mass production", so that I have a very long experience with that
    Best regards from Germany,


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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    I wear 2 pairs of smartwool socks.. nice thing is they are thinner than most wool socks.. and keeps my feet plenty warm on those days my waders are covered in ice

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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    A poly liner sock under a pair of Smart Wool expedition winter socks and a pair of boots that are sized for this combination.

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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    I have found that the real key to not minding cold feet is to stay fishy. Whenever I am catching fish within a reasonable timespan of one another I have never noticed cold hands or feet Beyond that little trick, I find that I agree with the don't pile too much on the feet theory that others have put forth. It also helps to be on the move time to time walking from area to area, I think this may help with circulation issues to the extremities 'like the feet' and I find that the walk takes the mind off any discomforts as well. The absolute best strategy is to follow the guide lines laid out by Harry Callahan from the movie 'Magnum Force', "A man's gotta know his limitations". There are just some days that going fishing is not the best choice.

    We have one river (225 miles from here) that does not freeze over during winter and I go down there a couple times each year between November & April. The trick is to hit the days when it's gonna be at least 35* or better. Otherwise between the cold hands, the cold feet, and all that ice clinging to the fly line and the rod............... Well, it's just not as much fun as it should be. When I was younger I fished through some terrible weather but I don't ever remember any real banner days of catching. Others may have excellent days sub freezing and to them I say bravo, but I've become accustomed to knowing my and my gears limitations.


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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    I'm also someone who really limits what goes on my feet. Generally, it's a pair of thin liners followed up by a pair of wool socks. Other than that, I stay out of the water as much as possible, and stay moving. I can't say I've ever had a day end due to cold feet. It's generally because my fingers and face are too cold.

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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    Quote Originally Posted by jcw355 View Post
    I don't even wear wool socks anymore, I just wear my liner socks and my feet are just as warm. I think the key is to have "room" in your stockingfoot waders. Leaving my wool socks off allows this. It wasn't overly tight to begin with and next pair of wading boots will be 2 sizes bigger than my regular feet size instead of 1 size.
    Living in Michigan for over 42 years I learned not to over layer, I would agree with JCW355 100%, leave room in your wading boots is the key factor otherwise it prevents or reduces the passage of your body heat. What happens when you over layer to much you’re restricting the blood flow and not allow your feet to breath, by having room the air around your feet acts as a natural insulator.
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    Default Re: Keeping Your Feet Warm

    Fishing today the water started out in the mid 40's and warmed up to
    The low 50's on e the sun births river. I was very comfortable with
    A smart wool liner sock made for skiing. They ride up just below the
    Knee and are very thin over that, a thick pair of the Simms Extreme sock.
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