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  1. Default Creek Company ODC XR12

    Does anyone have one of these two person pontoons or have experience with it? I'm considering buying one and would be interested in pros/cons, etc. It seems like a good value pontoon.

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    I don't have the two person xr12, but I just recently bought the xr 9 and love it. I feel it is a great value boat and a great company. I have two of their boats (odc 816 and xr 9). My 816 is still going strong after 7 years and I anticipate another 7 on it and possibly longer on the xr 9. Call Cris at creek company at 1-970-846-4469. He gave me a pretty good deal direct on my xr 9, maybe he can help you with the xr 12. See my posts on the Classic Accessories Colorado and you'll see why I went with another creek company boat.

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