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    Default Colorado XT Pontoon

    I have been wanting this pontoon for a while now and think I will finally pull the trigger. It has everything I want in a toon and is a good price. I have a friend that used one on a float trip and she loved it but I thought I would see if anyone here owns one and get their opinion on it. Has anyone added a grab rail to stand up and fish on one of these? I am guessing with the 9' pontoons it is probably plenty stable.

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    I know i am new here but I have shyed away from this boat. I too am in the market for a pontoon boat. Just some of the reason i dont like it.

    1. 2 year warranty
    2. made in china
    3. read too many bad reviews on things breaking on it

    I am at a dilima with my decision. I have been looking at the outcast pac 1000, renegade x5 and the steelheaders. Not sure which i will go with. hopefully the people that know these boats will chime here.

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    Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

    I found out long ago, most people that put up a post like this have already made up their minds. MOST PEOPLE, not all.
    I agree with the Bigfoot158. You get what you pay for. Plus, there are too many places to get your line hung up. Now I can understand that there are a lot of people that can't afford a NFO, or a made in USA Outcast (most are made overseas). But saving up or getting a deal on a "pre-owned" one is the best way to go. Remember, just because one friend/person likes/loves it doesn't mean it's going to fit your criteria. I've been doing this long enough to really see the good from the bad, along with experience it. But Joni and I use ours more than the average fisherperson. I've had the bad (16-17 years ago) and the good. My life is more important than the difference of a few hundred dollars. But, if your hearts set on it, just get a good PFD and have fun. Just don't drill holes in the frame for accessories, and after a day on the water, disassemble the frame and let the moisture dry up.
    If you only plan on using it a couple times a year, go for it.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Are these NFO that good? I am not sure about that bladderless deal. And i cant find nothing on the material denier either.

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    Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

    I am definitely not set on anything in particular and actually decided against the Colorado. We are buying 2 at the same time so I want to keep them under $1,000 each since I don't even know if I will like fishing from one. I had looked at the frameless NFOs but would rather something with a frame. I am thinking about the fish cat 9 and if I love using a toon, I will consider upgrading next year. 95% of its use will be in ponds so I am not concerned about popping a bladder and being in danger because of it. The option for trolling motors on the framed pontoons will be nice on the larger pike waters we will fish.

    I know what you mean about people being set on an item they ask for opinions about. I have seen threads 10 pages long of people telling someone to stay away from an item they asked about, they get it anyways and then complain about how crappy it is. Talk about annoying! Rest assured, when I ask about something on here I want honest opinions and will consider all before making a decision.

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    There a NFO that has a frame its the outlaw x5 but it not at a k or less. I was consider it because of weight capacity of 1200 lbs. I weigh in at 297 lbs so the extra tackle and motor would be nice upgrades later. But know i wonder if it worth 1600 bucks .

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    Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

    Quote Originally Posted by bigfoot158 View Post
    There a NFO that has a frame its the outlaw x5 but it not at a k or less. I was consider it because of weight capacity of 1200 lbs. I weigh in at 297 lbs so the extra tackle and motor would be nice upgrades later. But know i wonder if it worth 1600 bucks .
    How much are you worth? J/K.
    Bladderless toons are going to be all surviving kickboat/tube manufacturers main selling points as are being frameless 10 years from now. My New Years prediction. Denier rating on pcv coated vinyl- does it exist. Denier is usually nylon or yarn thickness if I recall.
    We've had bladderless kickboats for a few years now. Have had no problems, unlike we did with bladdered ones. Vinyl bladders are at the bottom of the list and the cheapest bladder. The newer vinyl is much better than the vinyl of a few years back. Then you have the urethane bladdered toon's/ tubes. Better than vinyl. Little pinholes seem to pop up no matter how careful you are. Most leaks come from a little grain of sand that gets between the skin and the bladder. It sits and slowly works a hole in the bladder.
    Look for a used one (X5) you should be able to find one for a grand. That will hold it's value there for a few years.
    And the reason you're looking at a X5 is the capacity? The Renegade is frameless, 9' long with an 800 lb. capacity. The X5 Outlaw is 10 1/2' and a 1000 lb. capacity (not the 1200 you mentioned)
    The Renegade sells for $999. With the shows coming up, you might want to find one and check them out for yourself.
    Any questions pm me.
    Life is not like a bowl of cherries. It's more like a jar of ghost peppers. What you eat today might burn your ass tomorrow...

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    Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

    Welcome to the forum Bigfoot. Where are you located and why are the photos of you always blurry? I'm sorry. Couldn't resist the joke. I'd take Mojo and Joni's advice on this. They have been using them a long time and alot per year. You can't buy better advice.

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    I own a Colorado xt pontoon. I liked the cheap price and accessories. Also you can attach an electric motor to the the frame. Now that I own it the cons are its heavy. Many cheap parts. I had an ore lock break on me before a set of rapids once. There's a reason it's stamped for class 1 water. When your out on a lake the weight of the battery and motor make your boat rear heavy and the back sinks quite a bit. Even with the frame and seat moved all the way forward. If I'm fly fishing on a calm lake I stand up on my seat. I would really like to have a little platform and grab bar. I got a little aluminum for lakes now and only use my pontoon to run rivers. I really wish I had something else and really like those Dave scadden nfo boats. Maybe a two or three person boat instead of two singles could be an option. In a river that means someone is always fishing while one navigates. Or my friend has a two person pontoon with a frame that can be shrunk to use with just one person. With the longer pontoons the motor and battery doesn't sink the boat as bad. Let us know what u decide on.

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    Default Re: Colorado XT Pontoon

    Richard: I have an NFO Rampage and use it in both lakes and rivers, I bought the motor mount accessory and have run it with both an electric motor or a 4 hp gas motor without having the kind of issues you describe with the backend submerging, it operates great with either option. Most of the time while fishing I just use the fins to move from spot to spot or to counter the wind, but use the motor to move long distances when I don't feel like rowing. The Rampage is out of the $1k price range but I really like the extra room it provides giving me the option to use dry bags and pack camping gear for an extended trip. Best of all is the light weight making it a breeze to get in and out of a vehicle (40 lbs) and the fact that I can haul it inflated in the back of the pickup or deflate the toon and pack it easily in the back of the Subaru Outback. When the girlfriend wants the truck to haul her horses, I still have an option of going fishing with the Rampage in the back of the Outback. For being a frameless model, it is flat amazing how well it rows and tracks across the water and how fast it will move under oar power.


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