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Thread: I'll show you mine .......

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    Quote Originally Posted by wishiniwerfishin View Post
    When I'm walking/wade fishing I'm a minimalist, I hate having a big pack t lug around with me. On my Sling I can have everything I need for a days worth of fishing on just about any river. I will sometimes fill a small box I can fit n my pocket when I need somethign more than my little sling box will hold or if I need bigger patterns that wont fit in it. I can do anything from nymph a small mountain stream to chase Steel on big valley or coastal rivers with my sling on my neck and my net on my back.

    Looks like a very mobile way to go, especially to cover a lot of ground. How do you carry the net on your back?

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    I used to use a backpack with the pods hanging off the front for flies, tippet, forceps, etc. You were never left wishing you had packed something else since it was so large, but it was so hot! If the temp creeped up above 55 you ended up with a sweaty back all day. Even in colder temps, since I'd usually have a jacket to keep my arms warm, the pack would still make me too hot!
    I just recently bought this. It has the neck strap to kinda turn it into more of a chest pack but once youre set up, i can just spin it around and focus on the fishing. I really like it.

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
    Good decisions come from experience...Experience comes from bad decisions...

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    Quote Originally Posted by r reese View Post
    Filson dry finish strap vest for me love it looks better with age wish i could post pics must have to be a member for 10 years or ?
    r reese, you can post pictures. They have to be hosted at another site i.e. photobucket, flickr, etc. You can also upload them to an album here by going to the "Community" pulldown on the upper menu bar, then to "pictures & albums" and creating your album. From there you can insert the photos into threads by clicking on the "insert image" icon at the top the text box (the yellow square wit a mountain in it) and pasting the image's URL from the album where it is saved.

    It sounds confusing but it isn't difficult. Here is the sticky thread with clear instructions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishiowa View Post
    Looks like a very mobile way to go, especially to cover a lot of ground. How do you carry the net on your back?
    If I have my small measure net I just clip the mag release to the tag end of my lanyard, if I have me bigger net when persuing cromers I have it tucked in my wading belt. I'll clip my wading staff to my belt when it's not in use too so everything is with in reach. Super mobile way to go, no stopping to pick up gear when you want to move just keep on fishing and walking down the river.

    I used to feel the need to have everything with me, pretty much had a backpack full of gear just to go hit the river. Then I figured out that most of the rivers I fished you only needed a few different nymph patterns to be succesfull. The way I found his was to go on a few guided trips and picked the Guides(Ryan Johnston here in Nor-Cal, awesome hard working guide) Brain about the bugs we were using and what he would use through the year and it was a pretty small list. Since then I went on a few other trips with him, now I just shoot him or a few other guides I know and get bug info for a river if I've never been so I can take only what I need to be productive.

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