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  1. Default Good fly tying scissors?

    I'm new to fly tying and need some recommendations on a good pair of fly tying scissors. I had lots of help on here selecting a good tying vise so I'm back for more great feedback! I tie mostly smaller trout flies and was thinking of the anvil 50-a. What do you think/use?

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    I use Dr. Slick. All purpose are a good place to start. Their arrow scissors are great for fine work.
    - William

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    I have Dr. Slick scissors also. If you look around you can probably get them on sale right now being year end, and time for new models. But if you can't get them on sale they are still worth it.

    Or you could get something like this;

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    Mine came in a kit. I have Dr. Slick scissors. I also got some arrow point bass pro brand that was fine as well. Shop around because they can be costly.

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    Dr. Slick Razor Sissors, 4 inch, and Rubis micro tip sissors for fine work.

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    I've been using a pair of sixth finger scissors for a few years and really enjoy how they feel in the hand and how they cut.
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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    If you want a good scissor buy forged , but you will pay more. Anvil is a good brand. Dr Slicks are stamped or cast steel made in Pakistan. Quality of steel from Pakistan is poor quality. For the best Quality hand forged from Japen or Germany . Scissors for cutting hair needs to have 1 corrugated blade as to trap the hair to doesn't, need to have a corrugated blade to cut other material.Tying scissor can be easly sharpened with the use of sandpaper on a flat surface. Sharpen in one direction only creating a bur on the inside edge of the scissor, use of a magic marker to mark the edge of the scissors so you can see when you have removed the metal evenly. After creating a even burr on the inside edge hold the scissor in one hand put pressure with the other by the tips to separate the blades as you close so not to cut into the to the burr after you have closed the scissor this way ,open the scissor will force the burr to the side now cut a paper towel to remove the burr. 1500 grit sandpaper will give a finer edge . 500 grit will give a corse edge much as a corrugated edge.

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    This is a good thread!

    Billyspey: Do you have recommended brand names of these German or Japan scissors? Also, wouldn't it be easier to take the scissors apart and then sharpen?

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    Dr Slick, Anvil, or any dissection scissors are good.

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    Default Re: Good fly tying scissors?

    Anvil! Did I mention Anvil.
    R Reese

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