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    I was on a trip and decided to stop in a Cabela's and purchased the Fishpond Yellowstone Wader Bag. It's a really nice bag, however, you really can't fit a rod tube in it (mine is approx. 29 inches)

    I have looked into other bags in anticipation of returning the Yellowstone. I have researched the following items:

    - Orvis Lightweight Safe Passage Vented Duffel - $200
    - Fishpond Rodeo Roller Duffel - $330
    - G Loomis Split Bottom Rolling Cargo Bag - $180

    The Fishpond is really what I'm looking for (long enough to fit rod tubes, rolling, and just like the style), but I'm hoping to get some other opinions or thoughts as to whether you think the $330 is worth it.


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    I have a Regular large hard side suit case that holds my waders, 2-4pc rod tubes,3-reels w/spare spools, gear bag and a compact tying kit with room to spare everything i need in one suit case. I would probally really freak out if they lose my luggage.
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    I just bought the Orvis Safe Passage Backpack that will carry my breathable, 2 rods, reels, water bottles, small lunch, vest, fly boxes and rain jacket when I hit the trail head. For airline travel, I'll put my rods in there, water bottles, net, vest, flyboxes, reels and dopp kit. I just don't trust that stuff left in my 'lockable hardside' checkin.

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    Hi abrysdam,

    Let me give you my thoughts based on flying all over Alaska. Unless you are traveling on major airlines I would not get a big rolling duffel/suitcase. If you might fly in a small aircraft or use river boats a hugh big bag is a pain. In some cases they can't even carry a huge bag. It is true you can put your rods in it but you have to check it. If you have spent enough money on a flying fishing trip you need to have your rod, reel and some flies with you as carry on baggage. If you get to your destination and your bag is lost, happens all the time, you will not be able to fish.

    I like to take two small to medium bags. One to hold my clothes and other needs and a bag with most of my fishing stuff. You can fish with no waders, clothes, hats, and other essentials but you can't fish with out your rod and reels.

    I like something like the Fishpond Voyager to carry rods, a reel and some flys. This will go on board as a carry on. In Alaska they won't bother you with flies but some airlines might. I also carry a fanny pack with a digital camera and medicine for a week, some sunblock and sunglasses.


    Fishpond Voyager

    Orvis Safe Passage Rod Holder

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    Thanks for the advice. I plan on using the duffel for more than just fly fishing trips. The airline we are flying for this trip (American), stated that they will not allow rods on the plane...apparently they view them as "weapons".

    I guess I'm not entirely convinced that I would be able to check the rods.

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