OK so I apologize because this isn't truly gear "made" for fishing, but I wanted to share it with you anyways.

So to start I am finally going on a couple day trip down south to southern Missouri and typically I just throw everything into a backpack, and then my waders and boots in the trunk, etc, but my mother has been telling me over and over to try these bags she found called ebags. Mainly because I am lucky enough to get to travel the world for work 50% of the year, so you can say I have tried several types of luggage out haha, but for Christmasm my mother being the amazing woman that she is, which is slightly crazy (like 99% of females...) she bought me the bags I have listed below. At first I was ok cool I may use them for when I have go to down to Mexico City or a short trip like that, but then I had the idea to see if I could fit all my stuff for this fishing trip. Which to my amazement everything fits, my waders, wading boots, base layers, and extra clothes for a weekend trip with room to spare. Also the mini bags allow me to keep the socks and what not all together instead of doing what I typically do being a 25 year old and just throw everything in.
Then the quality of the bags is very nice, the big bag also works as a back and is very easy to handle. It expends a lot from the size that is starts from, I was amazed thinking I had it all the way expanded then when I went to put everything is was even more amazed I could keep putting stuff in. So yeah I just wanted to share this for anyone that is looking for a good bag for something like what I do where I just pack enough for the weekend and go, I imagine with some thought process behind it, these things would work great for longer trips especially the little bags to help keep everything organized.

Let me know what you all think,

Big bag/backpack = eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible - eBags.com

Little bags = eBags Packing Cubes - 3 Piece Set - eBags.com

And just the site list = The eBags Brand - eBags.com