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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by caseywise View Post
    21 pages on nippers......
    c'mon spring

    Well it seems appropriate to spend more time discussing clippers that cost more than they are worth. I just checked back to see how on earth this thread was still going. Figured a simple 'no' would have sufficed. Yes, Spring, you can't come quickly enough
    - William

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    Night before last got down below zero again here. I am still waiting for above freezing.

    Did anyone bet on more than 20 pages?

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Diver Dan View Post
    How the heck did this turn into cars? First of all, there is not a reasonable comparison here. A Maserati is comparitively more expensive than an old Dodge beater. However, both don't perform equally. A 49 cent pair of clippers cut line just as well as those $100 Abel nippers. Now if you want to compare it to cars, toss a Maserati body on that Dodge beater. Then you have a great looking spendy car that performs exactly the same as the Al Bundy car. Abel nippers look great, not $50 or $100 great in my opinion, but they do the EXACT same job as the 49 cent clippers. Don't believe it? Take your Abel clipper and chop a piece of line and send it to me. I'll clip the other end with my 49 cent clipper. We will then send the sample to someplace we can have a microscopic photo done of the ends and see if we get some magic difference.

    Cars schmars.
    Bundy's car made it to over 1 million miles too. I would like to see a Maserati do that.

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    I am looking forward to spring as well but need to decide on a new fly box before then. Are C&F fly boxes worth it?

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    22pages and going strong.

    Gheez it was like 12pages ago I decided to buy a pair and yes they are worth it to me. But if this thread goes 22 pages more I might just end up selling them
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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    I'm going to send $2.00 to the original poster; 24 more of you want to join me in this? ...then he can post his findings after purchasing a pair of Abel nippers for himself and that will conclude the thread.
    "I cast my hook into a single stream; but my pleasure is as if I owned a kingdom." - Chi K'ang (223-262)

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    I just enhaled the bait, Wood River!

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    Hahaha, right on!

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    If i wanted to hear politics i would go to an off topic forum or a forum dedicated to such things.

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    Are we going to make 30 pages?

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    Default Re: Abel nippers: Are they worth it?

    Could have been one page, in my opinion. For some people, not worth it, you are better off spending your money on other things or saving your money. For some people, they love them and point out that you can't find a used pair for sale as evidence supporting their case. No right or wrong answer. Different strokes.
    What I find more interesting than the nippers themselves is the ability of such an item to generate so many pages of posts.
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