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Thread: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    I think it's interesting that for a change a Japanese product was cloned and marketed by others with nearly the same quality but at a far better price.
    I have a few C&F boxes including one of the huge, heavy beasts with compartments and slitted foam (the main reason I own it is a good swap I made) As much as I would like to, I rarely use it simply because of its bulk and mass. A couple smaller boxes take its place and are lighter and less bulky.
    I also have a couple of their original threader/slitted foam boxes and now replace them with the knock-offs without the threaders. I never once used the threaders because the flies I would need to use them on have eyes too small for the threader much less the threader combined with two pieces of tippet.
    Thank goodness the slit foam design is everywhere these days at prices well within reason.
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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    Is half the cr@p we buy actually worth it? Simple answer NO
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    I carry two C&F boxes and a wheatley box. I think all three are worth every penny and I have had them for years. The only C&F box I ever had a problem with is the one I left on the back of my truck and drove away. Damed thing never followed me home!

    One C&F has foam on the top and bottom with full length slits and holds all my streamers. The second C&F box has the small slits and a center part for three sides total and it holds my dries. The Wheatley with the center section and sold foam has a total of four sides and holds all my nymphs.

    I couldn't figure a way to fit all the 20 to 26 sized nymph's I use into a C&F box. The wheatley usually goes inside my waders.

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?


    Our C&Fs must have come from the same litter, one of mine jumped off the top of my car and never came home either!

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    Only 18 or so pages left to catch up with the Abel nippers
    - William

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    Quote Originally Posted by williamhj View Post
    Only 18 or so pages left to catch up with the Abel nippers
    Oh, you said the N word.

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    i have a few c&f boxes that i got a couple years ago for a price i could.'t pass up, (would never spend 40.00 on a fly box. much rather put it towards a new fly line, reel or rod).
    it's a great box, don't get me wrong, but i also have a few boxes (knockoffs) that perform exactly the same. the only difference i can tell between them is the price.
    now in my mind, why not save the money you saved from buying the knockoffs, and say save and buy a new fly line or fly rod. something that would ultimately improve your time on the water.
    i'll take a circa please



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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    My first flybox was an SA. Good box for beadhead type flies, didn't leak. Got a bigger SA for buggers and streamers, leaked. The SA's aren't as expensive as CF'S but cost enough. I buy imitations now, some are just as good and definitely cheaper. Buy what you want but it pays to shop and compare.

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    It is our economic responsibility to research quality to value ratios and prioritize our expenditures. A growing concern I have though in the small industry/fraternity of fly fishing is a decline in recognition of the need to reward small business innovation. I clicked on the link to our UK sister site provided above by MrTrout. It depicted dozens of Chinese-made reels for sale at quite low prices and alleged to perform well which blatantly imitated in appearance well known and respected models from small companies here we know and admire. Voting with our $'s for imitations of innovations rather than saving up for the real thing can only reduce the incentive for a creative person to invest in bringing his dream product to fruition. Fake drugs, fake vaccines, fake rods, reels and fly boxes...someone is making money on these ventures who had nothing to do with the real thing and, in exhibiting that lack of ethical responsibility, may well compound it further through lack of concern for the consumer. Often quality and innovation aren't visible. A new Sage (or Scott, Loomis, Orvis H2, each its own) rod features multi-modulus carbon fibers exquisitely and difficultly aligned and compressed with special US created (by Boeing) technology to produce a lighter, slenderer and stronger fly rod. A good caster certainly can feel the harmony of design and technology in one of these fine and expensive rods but superficially; a rod made in China of off the shelf carbon pre-preg on a simple, reverse engineered mandrel made in a similar color with a knock off reel seat looks pretty much the same. To a skilled caster the differences between the two rods are quite, even starkly apparent but to too many it's like; "Look at the dynamite deal I got on "sale" from X-Brand big discount store! I think it's even a better action than that too expensive Sage."

    I have to husband my resources to afford fishing trips both local and via plane travel that I have planed for this soon-to-arrive season. Whether I step out of my dented old wagon or off an airplane, the tackle I will fish with will be real. I will know and acknowledge the company and likely even the designer responsible for each of my carefully selected pieces of equipment, some brand new, some having withstood the test of time.

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    Default Re: C&F Fly Boxes: Are They Worth It?

    A wiser man than me once said "A poor man can not afford to buy cheap things" That said I can't justify spending 40 dollars on a piece of plastic with a name pertaining to fly fishing stamped on it. A good old Plano compartment box works just as well for me as would a home made box from empty mint tins or even some scrap wood.
    Oh I live to be the ruler of life not a slave

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