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Thread: Fishing Hat

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    Quote Originally Posted by grtlksmarlin View Post
    Earned roughly 34 years ago far away, though every year I buy a couple of new hats intending to replace it (not wanting to lose it) I just can't bring myself to not wear it when hunting, shooting or fishing (which is odd in that it brought me INCREDIBLY bad luck when i wore it).

    Anyway, the webbing gone, leather added to hold the brim up and another long thong to loop round my neck in case it falls off, it has seen its better days.....The feathers just picked up and changed as I lose them, the poppy replaced annually.


    p.s.....Wow, that's odd. The colors in it are so much more intense than in person. Perhaps the flash i guess.

    Well, the unthinkable has happened on my recent trip to Montana. Last seen in Dillon, Montana at either the Sundowner Motel or Mac's Last Cast Bar....Perhaps there or Bannack State Park parking lot to Wisdom's Antler Saloon my hat of 35 years was lost.

    The only difference between what is shown above the addition of a Turkey feather behind the Poppy. A "Government plate" pick-up with a number of Elk antlers in it and another from Texas parked beside ours at the motel, yet past that I don't have a clue.......If you see someone with it urge them to send it to me please. As ugly as it was it has just enough character I suspect it will not be just tossed out.

    Thanks all!


    -To conserve and protect our sporting outdoor heritage
    ----through responsible wildlife and natural resource
    ---------stewardship, and educated ethical use.

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    I cast my vote for the old heavy-duty Filson Packer hats. I've got two-- one nearly beaten to death and one for Sunday --and the hats are quite capable of enduring even my forms of "punishment" astream-- watering the dog, cooling me down, etc. etc.

    Now, I'll grant you that they can be hotter than all get-out on a warm, windless day. Still, their durability factor is beyond question. Besides, Filson makes a fair number of them readily available in my hat size-- aka "bucket-head" as my fishing cronies call it!

    So, the nod goes to my old Filsons-- way back when, today, and into my tomorrows...

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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    Quote Originally Posted by baseman1 View Post
    I just got my Tilley on Sunday and love it. I happened upon an outdoor sports outfitter who had a clearance store setup in a local strip mall for 2 days (judging whether or not to put one in my town) and they had the tilleys 50% off and an extra 10% off as I do search and rescue. So I got a new vest (streamside spirit vest) and a cheap net all for less than 120$. I got the LT6B BREATHABLE NYLON in taupe and have tried an ice pack in the secret pocket as it was 32deg celcius today when i was mowing the lawn. It was great.
    That has to be the best idea ever!!!! I will be doing that with my lt6b i have from now on.

    Honestly if anyone trys on a tilley its hard to go back to a dtandard baseball cap. i love the protection it offers on the sides and back while being cooler than my underarmor hats I used to use. Mine is a navy model that doesnt seem to be very popular but I love it and will wear it out not only foshing but shopping as well much to the dislike of the family that call it a safari hat.
    Blind fly fishing lynx

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    a few years ago I was out in texas working, and to prep for the trip(and the incoming sun) I picked up one of these:

    EMS Bailey Hat - Eastern Mountain Sports

    My fiancÚ worked for EMS at the time so I got it for 9 bucks on sale. good brim, it breathes, and its cotton so it fits better with age, and it has a pocket at the cap for hiding an ice pack or my wallet. damn handy hat, I've used it for anything outdoors I do ever since.
    I solemnly swear I have a vague idea of what I'm doing...Maybe.

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