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Thread: Fishing Hat

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    My golf/fishing hat

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    TT, I'm getting it narrowed down. So far I like a couple of hats on the Akubra site and a couple of Filson hats. Regardless, Buff will be along for the ride.
    "The whole purpose of an adventure is to gain some spiritual or emotional insight. When you compromise the process, you compromise the gain."
    Yvone Chouinard

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    This is a good subject because no one thinks it will happen to them but skin cancer can happen. My Uncle over the last several years had a couple places removed off his face. Within the last couple years it came back and he has had to have major surgery with lymph nodes removed as well. I wear a ball cap only with sunscreen but this thread will have me looking for a better hat.

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    JCW, my last surgery was what is called Mohs surgery, and it was on the nose and not fun. They had to take a donor graft from my forehead to fill in the hole. Had the same type surgery on my ear - from wearing no hat or just a baseball hat. Going without sunscreen and a hat is not worth it, trust me.
    "The whole purpose of an adventure is to gain some spiritual or emotional insight. When you compromise the process, you compromise the gain."
    Yvone Chouinard

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    As a teenager, I always fished with a Western stetson style hat...even in New England. Today, my usual fishing hat is a Tilley, but my Oilskin Madison Packable from Original Outback is the best for all weather protection. During certain times of the year, and in certain areas that I go fishing, I pull out my brilliant hunter's red ball cap. It may shock a few fish, but at least I'm not so mistaken for a deer.

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    I've been partial to this hat in cooler weather - Minnetonka - Outback -
    heavy duty and durable - adjustable wire brim - and you can stuff it into a backpack -
    and an excuse to post this pic yet again (blatant self-promotion)

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    I always were the same hat.
    It's a Cowboy hat I bought in Argentina a long time ago, love it.
    "We look to Scotland for all our ideas of civilisation."

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    my wife and my father in law both wear tilley hats while fishing.
    they are really freakin nice, plus they look cool
    i might have to drop the coin and get one......
    i'd go this model



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    Sun Runner Cap | Outdoor Research | Designed By Adventure

    I love this hat by OR. it is light weight and the piece that protects your neck and ears snaps off when you don't need it. I keep the shade with my fishing gear and wear the hat every other day. In fact since I've started losing hair I wear it every single day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fysh View Post

    No, flat wore one out over several years(probably still work just for work at home), the second one I had "walked away" never to be seen again, no idea where it went, just disappeared out of my garage. I was getting ready to order my third one but just saw that Orvis is out of stock with no plans to bring them back in. Now I'm looking for a new hat too.

    I found a link for the company that makes the closest thing to the Orvis Lochsa River Hat.

    The 'Scout' is almost identical, even made from the same techstraw material. I think I'll order one of the 'American' hats myself.

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