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Thread: Fishing Hat

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    Depends on the weather; here in SoCal where the summer is long and hot and the winter is short and mild and short. I wear just a buffs to cover my neck and a truckers' hat with mesh back, recently the Redington's truckers' cap that I received for free from them.
    Winter time, the same buffs that I use for the summer with any full caps. I like the TU orange cap, it's making me look like the real fly fisherman when I am walking around.
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    my lucky hat, only one I wear. Works almost every time:

    Works for her, too!

    And her!

    Even works in beige!

    I do put sunscreen on my face; my hair usually covers my ears, lol.

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    Sun Days Afternoon. For protection from the sun I have not found a better hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by losthwy View Post
    Sun Days Afternoon. For protection from the sun I have not found a better hat.
    Adventure Hat

    I'm in the market for a new hat seein' how my Orvis 'Lochsa river' hat has just about seen it's last day....thinking one of these just may fit the bill. Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.

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    R.I.P. ODB aka big baby jesus aka dirt mcgirt aka osirus aka ason unique aka bza aka hasaan aka rain man aka the professor aka the drunken master styles aka dirt dog aka roll fizzlebeef

    My newest ones...

    And the rest...

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    My Wife's hat has some style, mine are very plain............

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    Here is my Tilley Airflo and the custom hatband my son made. The hat is surprisingly cooler than my regular Tilley hats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    My Wife's hat has some style, mine are very plain............
    There's absolutely no reason you can't have a hat with some panache.

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    Earned roughly 34 years ago far away, though every year I buy a couple of new hats intending to replace it (not wanting to lose it) I just can't bring myself to not wear it when hunting, shooting or fishing (which is odd in that it brought me INCREDIBLY bad luck when i wore it).

    Anyway, the webbing gone, leather added to hold the brim up and another long thong to loop round my neck in case it falls off, it has seen its better days.....The feathers just picked up and changed as I lose them, the poppy replaced annually.


    p.s.....Wow, that's odd. The colors in it are so much more intense than in person. Perhaps the flash i guess.

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    Nice hat B.E.F.!

    I'm a pretty quiet type of guy round these parts, but that hat has quite a bit of character. Thumbs up
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