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    Default Re: Sometimes I believe things are better done the old fashioned way...

    True story. One time I was in Walmart's fishing section,,just browsing around waiting for Miz Toni to do her shopping,,,and there was this older gent and his Missiz,,just looking also at all the 'stuff'...then...

    ,,,he says to her 'I'm so glad I learned to fish before they came out with all this sh*t'

    That was forever imprinted in my mind. I remember it mostly,,when I buy something I just 'want' instead of 'need.'

    Yet,,it's a pastime,,were I think buying something you just 'want' might not be all bad.......but it can become out of balance fast...for me anyways.

    Were I to put as much effort into helping those of lesser circumstances as I do thinking about/and fishing I know I'd be a better man than I am.
    I find my meal by finding my meal's meal.

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    Default Re: Sometimes I believe things are better done the old fashioned way...

    My preference is for carbon over cane, PVC over silk and most strongly, nylon over gut...but I take pride in tying my knots well by HAND (& then trimming them with my new brook trout Abel Nippers).

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