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  1. Default What's in your vest?

    Newbie inquiring about what folks use in their vests, and what they can not do without. I'm guessing license, leader wallet, small container of slipshot, floatant, small fly case or two... What else?

    Also, I see many other anglers with the small scissors or forceps on the front of the vest. What do folks prefer? I'm wondering if there is something better than my nail clippers. I do use small pliers in case I tangle with a pickerel, but was thinking if there was a combo tool I could use on a retractor that won't get in the way on the front of the vest...

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    In addition to extra leaders & tippet material, and of course fly boxes, I carry a small hand towel, a mini flashlight, a multi-tool or multi-function Swiss Army Knife and never carry split shot, as I don't use it. I found a forceps/scissor combination online a few years back, believe they may have been from Cortland.

    However, the majority of the fishing I do is warmwater & saltwater, so I carry a pair of heavier long nose pliers on my belt too, primarily for bigger size hooks that the forceps don't do well with.

    I don't usually use the retractors, as I've broken or lost too many of them, or they hang up too easily in some places I've gone. Not as convenient, but I prefer to have everything in a pocket.
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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    extra reel, floatant, 2 fly boxes, small box with strike indicators and splitshot, couple extra leaders, 3 sizes of tippet, nipper/nail clippers, forceps, small led flashlight, small compass, waterproof matches and a lighter, some dryer lint in a ziplok baggie or a homemade parrafin wax and sawdust fire starter, emergency space blanket,folding limbsaw for small branches, few granola/energy bars, small bottle of water, usually have a multi-tool in my pocket or on my belt, cell phone, pen and pocket notebook.
    depending on the outing, some of the things may go in a small daypack or stay in the truck. when i wore a vest i always took more than was needed, and now i try to simplify things and just wear a waist pack with the necessities since i rarely go on the long hike anymore. I can fish all day with 1 flybox, nippers, and forceps, and tippet and a light lunch.

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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    I opt for a jacket with lots of pockets, small backpack or sling pack. Along with the two pockets in my waders here is what I carry:

    • nipper on zinger
    • hemostat sometimes on zinger
    • spare hemostat (see above)
    • small folding knife
    • extra rod in rod bag, no tube (sometimes tenkara)
    • extra reel
    • cell phone in waterproof case
    • just the car key (manual not electronic one)
    • waterproof camera and mini tripod
    • depending on season (gloves/stocking cap)
    • all round fly box (mix of nymphs/wets, dries, streamers)
    • depending on season an extra box full of (streamers, nymphs/wets, dries, terrestrials)—sometimes I have up to 4 boxes.
    • 2 clif bars
    •*depending on length of trip; a samich
    • collapsible poly bag of water
    • depending on season - bug spray/small sunscreen, snakebite kit
    • pack of gum
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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    I like simplicity so all I carry is:

    nail clippers
    fly boxes (one has dries, other has subsurface)
    beef jerky or almonds
    proper paperwork
    and if I have my SIMMS pack on instead of vest I can carry my water bottle

    and of course I have a net.
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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    A few bits
    Fly Patch
    Small fly box
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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    I have one of those scissor/hemostat combo tools. I found that I often "cut" when I wanted to "squeeze"... That's a reason why I also carry cheater magnifying glasses.

    In the upper chest pockets of my vest, one is for "dry" the other "wet".
    The "dry" pocket has a lighter, paste floatant, desiccant powder, and line conditioner
    The "wet" pocket has splitshot and a couple of kinds of indicators
    The other front pockets have a tippet wallet, leader wallet, streamer wallet, fly boxes and a bandana.
    The vest back pocket may or may not have a spare spool, rain jacket, and water bottle
    My hemostats are clipped to a pocket flap and my nippers are on a cord pinned to the inside of a pocket.
    I don't use zingers. IMO they're more trouble then they're worth.
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements.” --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    More junk then any one or two people would ever need on a day in the water.
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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    The list would be too longI'm surprised of what I found in my vest after some periodical archaeological excavation

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    Default Re: What's in your vest?

    I use a waistpack, and a shirt with big pockets for those bluelines that require a good hike. They contain....

    nipper and hemostat on zingers
    dry fly floatant
    rain jacket
    water purification tabs
    reflective blanket
    baby wipes!!!
    hand sanitizer
    small knife
    cotton balls
    first aid stuff (aleve, moleskin, etc.)
    LED light with extra battery
    2 fly boxes
    one reel
    leaders, tippet
    smart phone, external battery
    hiking staff
    waders secured to outside of waistpack if too cold to wet wade.
    rod goes into tube that is secured to waistpack
    rubber sole simms boots with studs on feet, with simms neoprene booties
    and license!!!

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