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    I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between the Korkers Chrome and the Korkers Metalhead besides the price.


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    The Chrome has a thicker toe and upper and the toe is made from a heavier material. There might be a difference in the ankle/shaft material but I'm not sure. The footpad/inner soles are close enough that I couldn't tell the difference. I never had issues with the ankle or interior sections of those boots so I didn't pay them as much attention.

    The sole and lacing (BOA) systems are identical for both so those parts are interchangeable.

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    Thank you,

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    Hi guys,
    I actually work for Korkers and thought I'd help out with the question as well.
    dwtalso is correct, the Chrome is a more heavy duty upper material and has an added layer of sprayed on rubber toe protection. The BOA system is nearly identical , except the lacing guides are a bit more low profile and are welded on the Chromes. The Metalheads use BOA's traditional lacing guides which are a bit more open for extra drainage. The Metalheads have a few extra seams as well. They do fit nearly identical. For many folks , the Metalhead is a great all around boot, but if you need something a bit beefier or are just really tough on footwear, the Chrome is a great way to go. You can always give us a shout at the office as well if you have any questions about our products. All our contact info is on
    Hopefully this was a bit helpful.
    Tight lines.

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    Thanks for the info. I did call Korkers last week and the person I spoke with on the phone was great. They told me the same information. I will be ordering a pair of the Chromes pretty soon. I wear a size 14 boot. I think I will go with the 15.

    Thanks for all the help.

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