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    You do realize, they need cleaning on the inside as well, right? LOL

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    Breathable waders should not be washed with any detergent that is scented for leaves a residual material. Most modern detergents contain a UV brighteners so detergents should NOT be used. See instructions later in my post.

    Breathable wader have a DWR (Durable Water Repellency) Coating that has to be renewed. I wash and retreat my waders at the end of every season.

    Why does a breathable fabric need water repellency? Because when a Gortex garment is coated with water, the water vapor that passes through the Gortex membrane is trapped from escaping to the outside air. So the garment cannot breath. The garment acts just like a solid sheet of plastic and your perspiration is trapped and condenses on the inside of the garment and on your clothing. This is a phenomenon called "wet out". You may think your waders have a small leak but the moisture is sweat condensing inside the waders.

    The DWR requires renewal and a heat set. Read what Gortex says is the reason to use a dryer.

    Restoring Water Repellency - GORE-TEX® Products

    Here is a primer on how to care for breathable garments by REI.

    Rainwear: Durable Water Repellent (DWR) Care

    I personally do not use Revivex. I use Nikwax TX.Direct. It has performed well for me. The product you use to wash your waders is important. It should be a powder and not a liquid, and it should be unscented. That is to prevent any detergent residues that would interfere with the DWR application or seal the Gortex pores. I use Ivory Snow unscented powder. Alternatively, you can use a residue free product like Sport-Wash.

    To use the Nikwax TX.Direct, wash your wader or rainwear and rinse well. Hang it up outside and allow the water to drip off. While still damp, spray the wader or garment with Nikwax TX.Direct and cover all areas. Then put in your dryer and dry on the "Permanent Press Low Heat Cycle." Put the suspenders of the waders into a sock to protect them while the DWR sets.

    Follow the manufacturer's direction if you use another DWR.

    I wrote an article for our TU Chapter Newsletter years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    You do realize, they need cleaning on the inside as well, right? LOL
    He does now, or needs to anyways.

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    I just found the care directions for waders from Cabelas. Armorall is only to be used on rubber parts. I assume that would refer to bootfoot waders.

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    Here is a very good article about waders and other breathable outdoor gear...
    Breathing Underwater | MidCurrent

    Zach wrote this or a very similar article years ago in one of the big fly fishing magazines. In it he suggested rejuvinating your waders and eliminating 'wet-out' by using ReviveX (made by W.D. Gore) which I've had great success with since then.

    I'm glad to see you reread the instructions about using Armorall. That just seemed like it would clog the pores on breathable materials.

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    When it comes to waders I am obviously a heathen. I have never done anything to waders but wear & patch them. Before the breathable waders were being made really tough I wore 4 mm Orvis Guide Weight neoprenes until it got way too warm for them in summer. I do recall having washed a pair of them because of a rather strong smell they developed. before the neoprene was out there I used non breathing Seal Dri and Red ball waders, now you wanna talk about funky waders on a warm day the old Seal Dri's were bad............ Still I didn't clean them.

    Other than those Neo's I haven't considered Armor All, turtle wax or anything for my waders

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    Armor-all would also 'slick' the water you'd be standing in - not good -

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