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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    In you top post you mentioned you bought the Rampage, but then in the problem post you mention it is a Renegade. So which one is it?

    I wasn't even aware there was a wheel set up for the frameless, can you tell me more about that?

    Dave usually answers his emails in the morning, have you mentioned this to him there?
    Pardon I have the Rampage. Its true that on Dave's website he only shows the wheels for the frames. However, when talking to Dave one day he told me he had new wheels for the frameless that are officially coming out in 2014. However, he said he had them in stock and sold me a set. This was several weeks ago and the only things I did receive I never ordered. I've spoken to Dave as well as one of his employees several times and they are politely dismissive regarding things being on backorder when I bring up that I was told by Dave they are in stock.

    Dave and NFO have such a good reputation that I'm really surprised. I keep thinking my experience has to be a fluke, but it has happened with every order (3 orders) I've made. I'm dumfounded.

    So anyway with regard to the motor issue now, I'm considering selling mine and purchase a 2 or 2.5 hp motor, my concern is whether on the American River or the Lower Sac if a 2 hrs will push my up stream against the current.
    -Tom Wilson
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    I have had to wait for items, but I know that going in. Sorry about all this.
    We had a 5 hp on our X5 which is the same size boat but has the frame. Alan did at any rate. And like my friend, he ran the boat backwards with the curve as the front. More like a Zodiac.
    All you would need is a deck, but that is just an alternative.
    I went back and looked at pictures and my friends was a Tohatsu 3.5.

    It worked fine. She mentioned the faster she went, the waves came up in here lap. But she has a smaller boat the Renegade.

    Again, if you can take a picture of how you mount the motor mount, maybe we can figure this out. Dave does it in videos and he said he had no water issue, but he did it on the Rampage, not the Renegade, so I was thinking you sit higher.

    Just because we know Dave and the guys, and love the boats, we are not employees and rarely go to the shop. I understand you are upset, we just never had any issues is all.

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    Default Re: Rampage Motor & Anchor Conundrum

    how did this work out for you?

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    Default Re: Rampage Motor & Anchor Conundrum

    Quote Originally Posted by FlyBum View Post
    So I get down to the river got my motor mount setup on the NFO Rampage. I made sure I'd made the the straps I as tight as I could possibly get them. Got on the boat fired up the out board and instead of moving forward when I put it in gear the motor started to be pulled underwater. The thing is I double and triple checked every strap to make sure they were pulled as tight as I could possibly get them. However, it seemed even though Dave Scadden said the boat could handle a 4 hp outboard that it was too much for the bracket.
    Tom: Something just isn't right in your setup. Did you have the toon fully inflated? I'm trying to figure out what is up with your setup. Last year I took my Rampage up to Lewis lake, the boat ramp is on the south end of the lake. After getting everything loaded I motored all the way to the north end of the lake to the Lewis channel, it must be 1 1/2 miles using my 4 hp outboard. The motor tilts back a little when under power but its really is no big deal. The only issue I had on the entire trip was that the motor mount plate was too weak and started bending which caused the motor to tilt rearward even more, so I asked my son to weld a new metal bracket, only to find out it is made of aluminum so we decided to add a larger piece of wood to prevent the plate from bending. I can attest that the Rampage will easily handle a 4 hp outboard motor. On my return trip from Lewis Channel the wind was whipping and the waves on the lake were probably 1 1/2 ft high, the waves were coming over the boat so I decided to motor along the west side of the lake to avoid the larger waves in the center, but still occasionally had waves coming over the boat. I had on my neoprene waders so it was no big deal. The motor and boat performed flawlessly.


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