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Thread: Lightweight affordable waders

  1. Default Lightweight affordable waders

    I am looking for any opinions, positive or negative,on Men's frogg toggs® Canyon Sockfoot Chest waders. I'm looking to get a light weight, but affordable (I'm 16 without much disposable income) chest waders. Thank you for any input.

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    A friend of mine had these same waders. They didn't last him a week. He might have got a bad pair...who knows. Anyways, around the same price point I would take a look at Cabela's waders. Generally they are pretty good, lightweight, and breathable. Cabela's also has a no questions asked return policy on their gear. Just food for thought....


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    Take a look at the Allen "Madison". They are breatheable, convertable and light. My son just got a pair, and really likes them. I think they were in the $100 range.

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    The problem with lightweight waders is that it's easy to puncture them. Are their any branches with thorns where you fish?


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