A rain shell wouldíve been useful on my last fishing trip. Instead, I wore a waxed canvas jacket, with some wool in the lining. It sure looked cool, but got warm ten minutes into the 30 minute hike. I was fishing a tiny stream that has held native brook trout since the last ice age. This trip had been planned for months, so no lack of comfort could get me to turn around. The rain wasnít consistent, but was present nonetheless. I trudged on. I reached the stream and caught some beautiful fish, including this one.

When we got back to the truck I was drenched. The jacket had kept the rain out, but I was soaked in sweat. It didnít breathe.

Yesterday I bought a rain shell. A Simms Paclite to be precise. As the name would suggest, itís lightweight. Itís made with Gore-Tex so that it breathes. Iíll wear the jacket over a t-shirt during a summer rain storm. When I want to fish in freezing rain (Iíve never been described as a fair weather fisherman), Iíll layer with warm clothes underneath. The jacket comes with a lifetime warranty.