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Joni 07-06-2013 09:01 PM

Float tube/pontoon sonar
I like using sonar as I need to know depth and structure, but my finder will also read when I am on fish.
With several different pontoons and all different diameters, I have been looking for an easy compact mount.
I was using the side bag for a time, but with the new bags on the Predator, the monitor was behind me as that is the way it opens.
I have RAM mounts which are a bit expensive but so worth it. I also prefer Hummingbird. I have an older unit.

So, easy part. I took some PVC about 14" and cut it. Hubby notched the bottom with a dremel, however I could have :-)

Drilled a hole in the middle and again hubby heated it a little and flattened where the hole was so the a washer could be used. Also use a wing nut so it can be tightened by hand.
Here it is with the square tubing which has been replaced with PVC

I also used a 2" nylon strap with quick clips. Totally adjustable.

Now the monitor. I got a thicker flexible cutting board and cut slits in it like belt loops. I bolted a flush mount ball for the RAM with nuts out. The strap keeps the bolt heads from rubbing on the toon.
Looking straight down, the PVC and transducer are on the left

I tighten it up on a partial inflated then inflate firm. It stays in place and full adjustment of the monitor

I also use the small 12V rechargeable batteries and place it either in a bag or beside my seat.
Used it all day Friday and it worked great. I bundled the cord and secured it with a velcro strap. It tucks nicely in the cup holder on the side bag.

Just a different idea for mounting sonar.

mcnerney 07-06-2013 09:21 PM

Re: Float tube/pontoon sonar
Joni: That is one sweet looking setup! I'm jealous!

sandfly 07-07-2013 07:02 AM

Re: Float tube/pontoon sonar
Ping ----very nice-------Pinnnng

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