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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Damn! I am a freakin' minimalist.

    Spent a lot of years with just what I could fit in the two breast pockets of a cut-off BDU blouse, wearing my hat and which ever glasses I thing will work better: licience, sometimes a second fly box, 1 extra leader, maybe 2 tippet spools, nippers on a retractor, stats and a tiny lock blade with a 2" blade and a needle.
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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Wish I could help here but I pack everything including the kitchen sink! I could probably get away with leaving a few things at home but one thing I'm sure to remember is my Costas.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Since you asked for essentials, I'll try to stick it.

    Rod and reel, check. Flies, check.
    Tippet spools, 3, 4, 5X at least. You can get away with the majority of trout fishing with these, and rebuild a leader to some extent.
    A spare leader, 7' 4X. Can be easily easily extended to 9' 5X or cut back for heavy flies.
    Split shot

    That might be barest bones list of essentials. But there are a few that I consider essential.

    Sun glasses
    Felt wading boots

    Further down the list are things that make a day more comfortable.

    Wet wipes
    Cold beer waiting in the rig.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    I posted this in another thread, get you one of those magnetic parts retrievers. Has a magnet and handle that will go from 6" to 2'. Dropped a fly many times and retrieved it with this. Caught a fish recently and with all the thrashing in the net my midge dropper got broke off. Once the water got smooth enough I could see it and got it back.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Great suggestions from all the above, I think Fred had the best if there is a best, I'll add a couple of items, 1 a pfd and 2 a spare truck key.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    I dumped my Orvis Guide sling out and here's what I found:

    Hemostats x 1
    Nippers x 1
    Ty-Rite Jr x 1 (damn those 24+ San Juan nymphs)
    Tippet spools x 6 (various sizes)
    Bottle of Frog's Fanny x 1
    Bottle of Loon Goo x 1
    Leaders x 5 (various sizes)
    Pack of strike indicators (yarn) x 2
    Big box o' streamers x 1
    Big box o' dries x 1
    Medium box o' nymphs x 1
    Small box o' San Juan stuff x 1
    Tube of DEET x 1
    Tube of SPF x 1
    Thermometer x 1
    Poncho x 1
    Container of shot x 2
    Small first aid kit x 1
    Medium sized multi-tool (Gerber) x 1
    SPOT Satellite Messenger x 1
    Bottle of fluid (usually iced tea) x 1
    Couple of hand warmers (in winter) x 2
    Net x 1

    Man, that seems like a lot when I write it down like that .

    Now, that's in the pack that I throw on for a full day of fishing. What's essential? Well, when we stopped so my wife could do some shopping in Estes Park I took:

    Box of dries
    Fly rod (already rigged and hanging in the rod rack)

    I caught three or four nice little browns and missed several others while the wife shopped for 30 minute. I guess those are the essentials .

    [edit]Oh, oh, totally forgot: polarized sunglasses. I just love my polarized glasses but I'm not sure they are *essential*. [/edit]

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    The Main things I find handy besides A Rod & Reel with a Line on it when Fishing The Local Lake are:
    1. Nippers apriority to save your Teeth.
    2. Forceps for removing Hooks.
    3.Different size Tipit materials.
    4.Adhesive Strips
    5 A couple of Boxes of Flies.
    6.Depending on the time of the Year a Headnet.
    7.When in Snake Country A Large Bandage.
    8 Insect Repellant.
    9.Tipit Straightener.
    10.Phone & or Camera.
    11.Landing Net.
    12 Walking Staff.
    13.Scales to weigh Fish.
    14.A piece of clean cloth.
    15.A Backback.
    16.Food or Fruit.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    My MT050 rain jacket, MSR water filter, and water bottle in the back of my strap vest. Everything else is optional.

  10. Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    I don't know where everyone fishes but around here I keep a knife that is easily accessible. Reason being old trot lines or some monofilament in the water. I keep a cheap one clipped to my vest or wader strap and not in my pocket down in my waders. I've been swimming before and got into some old mono, you cannot get enough leverage to break it unless its very light. Just a thought.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    1. Wheatley box - dries
    2. Wheatley box - nymphs
    3. Wheatley box - terrestrials
    4. Foam deck - buggers/streamers
    5. Nippers + zinger
    6. Hemos
    7. Split shot
    8. Indicators
    9. Ice off (winter)
    10. Dessicant powder or floatant
    11. Tippet 0-7x mono , 5 - 3x flouro
    12. water bottle
    13. measuring tape (guy can dream can't he?)
    14. camera
    15. knife
    16. Cliff bar
    17. Wet ones
    18. Clip on magnifiers
    19. Leader wallet
    20. Tylenol

    Dang..I need to scale back. Can probably get by with 1 box with a mix of dries, nymphs, streamers and terrestrials in summer.
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