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  1. Default Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.


    What is your list of must have fly fishing gear/accessories in your vest or back pack?


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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Well, I have to have nippers since the groove in my teeth from biting line is too big to cut small tippet anymore. A box of flies. Tippet and maybe an extra leader. I usually have my net.

    Other things I usually carry are hemostats, floatant, strike indicators and split shot. Anything else is not too necessary.

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Nippers, File & Tying Scissors. All the other items that come and go from my packs are fishery / destination specific.


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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Bug spray. Head nets. Cutters strong enough to cut fish hooks out of your fingers. 'Space blanket' mylar covering.

    If cell phones work where you're going, then carry one.
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  6. Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Destination specific equipment is also welcome to be listed


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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Have a short group of tools than attach to my shirt. The most important (never used, Thank God) is a yellow 'Police Whistle.' If you get into physical trouble no one is going to hear you 'yell for help.' A whistle you can hear a looooong way!
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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    I am new to fly fishing so I am adding and subtracting stuff regularly.

    I use the orvis sling pack so I have a little more room than a vest
    2 fly boxes
    1 nipper
    extra leaders
    3x, 4x and 5x tippet
    strike indicator
    bug spray
    leatherman tool

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    A lot less than when I wore a vest. Now a waist/sling pack with flies, extra leaders (furled, thanks to CutThroat and Joni) extra tippet, a good set of nippers (inexpensive nail clippers) and my reading glasses, without them I can't tie a fly on. Oh, did I mention a net!
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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    Quote Originally Posted by troutnut4 View Post
    and my reading glasses, without them I can't tie a fly on.
    Ain't that the truth..... I've started carrying 2 pairs, just in case
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Essential fly fishing gear/accessories.

    No matter the type of fishing, I've gotten into the habit of carrying nippers, hemostats and/or long nose pliers, a multi tool Swiss Army knife and some other type of knife. I have several small pocket knives & several stationary blade knives. Depending on where I'm going & what I'm doing will dictate the knives I'll carry. I also always carry a sharpening stone or file for hooks & the knives.

    Fred, that whistle is a great idea. I've read that before, but never obtained one.

    Other items I feel are essentials are sunglasses, and a proper hat. Sunscreen or appropriate clothing should be essential depending on the conditions. Skin cancer is no joke!

    IMO, spools of line (tippet or otherwise) & spare leaders are essential but should not be something you have to decide on or not.

    If you fish the surf or big water from a boat or wading, a good stripping basket can be essential, but that would likely be situation dependent. They can get in the way too.

    I'm the opposite with glasses. Mine have bi-focals built in, but frankly I can see great up close. My sight becomes an issue beyond about 3 ft.
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