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    Default Help!!! Wader questions

    Ok so I am a complete noob to this fly fishing thing. I am interested in picking up some waders, I have always just put on some shorts and waded up the local rivers before now. But I wasn't fly fishing and I plan on doing some fall steelhead fishing so I will need the protection from the elements come mid November. So what's the deal with stocking foot and the rest. Are these truly water proof waders and if I buy the stocking foot plus wading boots am I going to be getting wet? I know your probably saying wtf another noob but I have no idea where to begin. Thank in advance and go easy on me. I have been a fisherman for 50 of my 55 years but this fly thing is all new to me....Oldskoo11

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    You won't get wet.

    Modern breathable waders are waterproof. Just make sure that the boots are sized to fit correctly with the socks and waders you will be wearing. Too tight and your feet will get cold.

    Also make sure that the waders loose enough in the crotch that you can climb up a bank or over a fence. Try them on with the layers of clothing you will wear under the waders in the winter.

    Unless you are going to fish from a boat, get boots with studded soles. They generally have better grip.


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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    Don't fall into the trap of buying cheap waders. I did and so did many others, but this is one case where you get what you pay for. Waders you can trust and a warranty that works are "priceless".

    having said that... .....there are deals to look for, whether the sales and coupons at Orvis or whatever. I'm the cheapskate of the millennium and I found discontinued Orvis Waders/boots on sale and with a coupon...I think I saved 150 bucks off retail. That's much better than paying out 75-125 bucks for cheapies and wearing them for a year while they leak...

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    Hey Thanks for the tips. I just didn't know how the stocking foot waders with boots could keep the water out and I don't like the idea of the boot built in type. I am not too worried about buying quality stuff. I buy the best I can afford and while a deal is ok I want something that will last as well. The not leaking part is huge. I am a pansy and don't like to be cold or wet in the middle of winter. Thanks again........Oldskoo11

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    No one likes to get cold and wet in winter,,and too boot,,that is a dangerous combination. I trapped most of my young life in 'dept store' hip waders and it wasn't fun. Never got stocking foots till I came back to fly fishing and I swore my days of misery were over,,that this was gonna be FUN.

    You'll love stocking foot waders. In the summer,,,just get you a pair of neoprene socks,,,or even woolies,,and wear your boots without waders.

    Quality is the key. Buy quality.

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    Hey thanks for the info. I am looking at some Caddis 3.5 stocking foot waders and some Redington Skagit River wading boots. Not set on them, Just something I am considering. Any suggestions would be more than welcome. Thank you...

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    Simms: Guide, G3, or G4.

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    Quote Originally Posted by fishenfool View Post
    Simms: Guide, G3, or G4.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 4

    Yup...the only waders made entirely in the U.S.A.

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    Simms G3 or G4. You should be able to find some great sales on the G3 since Simms is introducing a new version in December.

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    Default Re: Help!!! Wader questions

    I will check them out. Thanks to everyone for the input.

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