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Thread: Best waders/boots for $200

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    Default Re: Best waders/boots for $200

    My LL Beans keep me dry and are in the price range. However I can't say that I have worn other brands for comfort comparison.

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    Default Re: Best waders/boots for $200

    Quote Originally Posted by mbchilton View Post
    I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but those boots suck. My brother and I both have them. They're lightweight and the quality is good enough, but they're so uncomfortable. On a weeklong trip last spring we were both icing our feet at the end of every day. Looking to replace mine this winter.
    Those Cabelas boots always looked kind of clunky. I realize that's not much of an objective comment, but first impressions you know! I've liked LLBean boots and actually had great luck with relatively inexpensive Caddis felts. They have a tough enough nylon outer with a full rubber covered toe and surround an inch or two around the side. They are inexpensive, light weight, and comfortable for lots of walking.

    So hard to get this stuff on line and get the best possible fit and performance!

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    I'd go good waders and cheaper on the boots. Upgrade as he evolves or fishes more. i mean you can get decent boots for $50 if you look hard enough. Just me and my experiences. I scour the Internet for close out deals on Simms, Patagonia, orvis, ll bean regularly. Why? Their stuff is good quality, lifetime warranty and good customer service.


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    Well, he finally pulled the trigger, so I thought I'd update this post to help others in a similar situation.

    He ended up getting the Redington Sonic Pro Zip waders and some William Joseph W20 wading boots for just a hair over $230 shipped. I found the deal on Sierra Trading Post (I think it was 40% off), then he used the smart phone app for free shipping. I think he did well.

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