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    Default Re: Lines for furled leaders?

    Thanks for clearing that up Fred.

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    Default Re: Lines for furled leaders?

    I have only used furled leaders made of uni thread. When I order them they come in weight ranges, ex. 4-6wt etc. Pick the length remembering you'll be adding tippet to the end. Many sell leaders made for different applications, etc. dry fly, nymphing, turning over big bugs, etc. I've used Joni's as well as some other brands and found they all work well. More recently I'm using forum sponsor Cutthroat Furled Leaders and think they are great too. They have an FAQ section that might answer some of your questions.

    For trout I use 'dry fly' nearly 100% of the time. Coat it with floatant paste and it is good to go. Can use a wide range of tippets depending on what I'm doing. Use it for dries and as long as I'm not nymphing too deep just put the indicator on the tippet below the leader and I'm good to go.
    - William

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    Default Re: Lines for furled leaders?


    For lite dry fly presentations, you cannot beat thread in my opinion. We make leaders in many different materials, thread, braid, nylon, fluoro, kevlar, etc. But thread is hands down the best for dry fly presentations.
    If throwing large heavy streamers, or weighted bugs, we recommend leaders made from nylon or fluoro as the thread does not have enough mass to keep the heavy fly from collapsing the leader. I do believe if you choose a thread leader from us “Cutthroat Leader Co” or “Joni”, you cannot go wrong. Let me know if I can answer any other questions you may have.

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