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Thread: Umpqua UPG or MFC Boxes

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    Default Umpqua UPG or MFC Boxes

    I like the UPG boxes for the most part, however I am not a big fan of the design. Meaning I do not like how you have to open two sides to access all of your flies rather than just opening a box and having access to both sides. Due to this, I am thinking of picking up a few of the Montana Fly boxes.

    The MFC boxes look similar to C&F and I dig the various "artist" finishes on them. My only grip here is that I wish they offered various sizes, not just the 5 1/2".

    What are the reviews on the MFC boxes in comparison to the UPG?

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    Default Re: Umpqua UPG or MFC Boxes

    You only need a 'fly box' that's about 3 inches square tucked down in the front of your waders. Everything else is a waste of time.
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