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Thread: Leaking waders?

  1. Default Leaking waders?

    I got a pair a Simms G3 waders about two months ago and have fished them every weekend. The problem is today I noticed that my shocks were wet after about 8 hours of fishing. I was wearing wool socks and the outside temp. was around 45-50 degrees. I fished the day before they did not leak, but I camped and I noticed that my waders had a coat of ice on them when I woke up. I was thinking that maybe there was some water in my waders from when they deforsted.

    I did check when I got home and they are damp in the stocking foot area and also about six inches up from where the boot starts.

    Its not a ton of water but I want to get this addressed before it becomes an issue. Sorry about the long post.

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    Default Re: Leaking waders?

    Those have "shocks"? Awesome! No wonder they're so pricey!

    Kidding aside, There's a couple of ways to locate a leak with simms waders, which you start with depends on where you think the leak is.

    If you think its in the fabric, fill a spray bottle with isopropyl aclohol and turn your waders inside out. (gotta start out with totally dry waders, BTW) Spray down ALL (well, skip the feet) of the inside of your waders, turn them right side out, and look for a dark spot. The dark spot will be caused by the alcohol wicking through the hole and being absorbed by the outside fabric. Let everything dry, and then follow the procedures in your Simms patch kit. (not sure why water won't do the same trick, but I know alcohol works. also, no clean up needed, since the water and alcohol will both evaporate)

    If you think the leak is in the feet, or have already tried the method above and found nothing, you'll need a spray bottle with soapy solution of some sort. Spray down the feet, grab the top of the waders to make them like a big balloon, squeeze the torso, and watch for inflating bubbles. Once you've found it, start listening to someone/thing who knows more than me about patching holes in neoprene feet, cuz I got nuthin.

    Or just call Simms and they can help you out.

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    One thing to look at is that it maybe your feet. I get the same thing while hunting up here. Walking and such makes your feet swet. Then in the cold, your feet will actualy have condensation build up on them. Things like sprey anti persperant can help with this to a point. Coat your feet and see what happens. Lastly you can try a good water proffing sprey and give them a coating and see what happens next time out.
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