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    Default Re: Good cooler that stays cold?

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardyreels View Post
    Well I just emptied the cooler that I loaded on July 1st at about 10:00 AM. If I have this straight that's 9 full days ago and there was still ice in the bottom! Not much but ice lasted 9 days.

    For a big cooler this thing is pretty impressive.
    I'm still alive a week later after eating meat stored in it. I thought for sure you would have to break out your new icemaker before the week was over. It's an amazingly efficient cooler, and especially at that price.

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    Default Re: Good cooler that stays cold?

    Over the years i have had many coolers but i broke down and bought Yeti 65 and it waorked so well we now have a Yeti 120 .I know they are expensive but they are tough and durable plus they hold ice for days. in the fall when the days are cool and the nights are coller it will hold ice up to two weeks or more.I have got some panniers for my mule to hold a icebox looks like ill be buying another to pack on the mule.

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    Default Re: Good cooler that stays cold?

    I keep 4 cases of bottled water in the freezer downstairs pretty much all the time. It cuts down on power to run the freezer, and I use them in my "fish box" when going out for table fare. The fish box is just a 34" all bright-white Igloo cooler that I put two bags of cubes in along with 30 or 40 frozen bottled waters.

    I dump in enough salt water so the fish are covered once the first is caught, and the lunches etc are in there too in separate 4 mill, 12" x 15" ziplock parts bags. Dolphin that won't fit into the cooler whole are released; wahoo too long are cut to fit.

    Frozen plastic water bottles melt pretty quickly for drinking once in the sun , and stay cold well.

    Unused water bottles at the end of the day go into the refrigerator upstairs, and a new one is put into the freezer. But I don't need a cooler to hold ice for long trips.

    I made my own cooler for trips to Gaspe for salmon years ago from soldered galvanized sheet, 3" of dow blue insulation and plywood. It fit snugly sideways in a pickup bed and was loaded with block ice and food for 2 or 3 for a week. But it had to be loaded after it was put into the truck - then was never moved. That may be an option for some on long trips. Cheers, Jim

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