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    james w 3 3 Guest

    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    Quote Originally Posted by rusty 54 View Post
    I have vests and sling bags. Prefer the vest
    That says it all for myself also.

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    mridenour Guest

    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I wear a vest.

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have used a vest for most of life but when I got into mountain biking I bought a Camel Back Backpack. My vest wouldn't ride right with a large water bottle in the back pocket so I used the backpack that held a half gallon of water. I just bought a waterproof roll up bag to put all my fishing gear in then throw it in the pack. I just wear a fishing shirt put a box in my pocket maybe two. I can carry a lunch or more clothing storage space the pack has compression straps so it rides nice with great shoulder straps. I can fish longer with the pack then the vest but I still love the vest with all the cool pockets.

    We are fly fishers it will be hard to ever part with the vest...

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have a couple of vests, no slings or fishing packs but generally just use my shirt pockets.

    I wear a shirt I picked up at Cabelas that has an inner pocket to each chest pocket and carry a fly box (have a small Victronix in the fly box), some tippet, floatant, point and shoot camera, matches, pipe and tobacco.

    Pretty minimalist but it works for me.


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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I hear ya John on wanting my tools available. I had a waist pack for years, went to a sling for a year, and then back to the vest. I like the idea of the sling, superior comfort, and its out of the way. But I just couldn't get with having to twist it around every time I wanted tippet, or a new fly during a hatch, or anything really. The vest is perfect in that sense...though I do not love the bulk.

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  11. Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I switched from wearing a vest last season, tried a sling pack and didn't like it then got a Goertzen bag. Best thing I've ever bought !

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have bought several lumbar packs and sling packs over the years, but I am just so used to where everything is in my old Orvis Super Tac-L-Pac vest that I haven't yet found the pack I like better. I'm still experimenting, though.

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I've always been a vest guy, and probably will finish out my fishing career as such. Currently, four older vests take up space on the pegs-- 2 Orvis Super Tac-L-Pacs, a Filson Strap Vest, and a seasoned sort of "remember when" A&F fly vest that belonged to an old fishing partner now gone and still hanging in tribute...

    Why the vests? Simply put, because they allow me to carry 16 to 20 pounds of stuff that I'll probably never need, but are comforting to have close at hand, just in case...

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I just use my shirt pockets and the pocket in my chest waders. I guess Steelhead fishing is a heck of a lot less complicated. Two spools of leader (weight time of year dependent), Forceps clamped to my shirt with a 'nipper' and my police whistle hanging below (gets tucked into the waders), one box of flies (really now, how many times are you really going to change out?), etc.

    Will use this or that as needed but the 'emergency' is the whistle! If you don't have one on you, you're looking for a really bad time if the 'shxt hits the fan.'

    Just trust me on that one.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I will say that both the Filson strap vest and fowl weather vest are really not like regular vests as I've found out. I don't know if it's just me but I prefer them since they don't have a "top" to them so nothings in your way around your chest.

    Jack of all trades, Master of none.

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