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    Default Who still uses a vest?

    After a lifetime of using fishing vest my wife bought me one of those Simms over the shoulder-waist belt fishing packs for my birthday. I've used it a few times but kind of miss my vest. The pack is able to hold way more, but I don't need every fly box I own every time I go out. Plus I am used to having my nippers, hemostats, floatant in my upper left chest area. I usually taylor my fly boxes to the water I'm fishing that day.

    I'm thinking about just using the pack to carry stuff on my driftboat and setting it on the seat next to me. What about you guys, have you warmed up to the packs?

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have an over the shoulder fanny pack deal and love it! I don't like obstructions in front of me so I swing it across my back when fishing and strategically put the net where it would be out of the way.
    When in front, it makes a decent table to sit flies down while changing etc... Don't be a h8er until you use it for a couple outings
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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have a couple of vests, a couple shoulder bags, which are actually Army surplus gas mask bags, and a couple of fanny packs, camo pattern of course!

    IMO, they can all be very useful, depending on how much you need to carry with you.
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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    Filson fowl weather vest, tried a sling pack and it wasn't for me.

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have been given a few chest packs as gifts, but always come back to a vest. I will use one of the chest packs if I need to hike in somewhere because it has a small backpack.

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I have vests and sling bags. Prefer the vest

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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    Simms vest in the winter, this in the summer, can carry everything I need and a couple bottles of water in the bottom

    Yes I am one of those Simms yuppies
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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    Decided this year to just stuff everything in my backpack. Just 2 (big) pockets sucks for organization, and I miss having everything (and I carry everything) right there as I'm standing in the river.

    It is more comfortable, and completely out of the way. I carry hemo's on the shoulder strap in front for releasing fish, and that's it.

    In many ways, I miss my vest. They evolved over decades by folks smarter than me! I'll backpak it a few more trips before rendering a verdict.


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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I use a olive drab Army surplus shoulder bag. Works fine. I did try a chest pack and didnt like the pack in the way of my hands rod and line.
    I have my vest still,,it's in pretty good shape,,but I kinda like the Army sack,,,can stuff a couple drinks in there with a couple candy bars to help if the munchies hit me or when I need to just take a wee break.

    Still,, a vest is a very very organized way to do this.
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    Default Re: Who still uses a vest?

    I started with a vest, then went to a vest pack, and now to a hip packs. One of the hip packs I can wear as a sling, the other has a shoulder strap on it. It takes a while to get used to different things and where you keep your stuff I've found to be a very personal decision. There are no right or wrongs, only what feels right to you.
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