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Thread: Hatch Nipper

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    Default Hatch Nipper

    We have known this product was coming as it was an award recipient at last summers IFTD Show. I've yet to see one but it is now on Hatch's web site from which I quote below. You can see it features a hook eye clearing needle in a recess near its hinge.

    "The Hatch Nipper is crafted from 6061T6 aluminum and protected with type II Anodize. The cutters are made from Tungsten Carbide for abrasion resistance and reliable cuts through all fishing line material". From Hatch Outdoors web site, available in four colors, lanyard included for $100

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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    We need a shootout among:

    White River
    Fish Pond


    (In another thread, someone pointed out that cabin fever is setting in early this year.)
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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    Come on! $100 for nippers? A comp price for a reel would be at least $900. But, oh yeah, they do that too. I notice from their website that you can accessorize that nipper (and lets not forget that you get a lanyard too) with a $38 water bottle and a $25 bottle opener. $163 for... oh my god ... nipper, water bottle and bottle opener. OR...maybe a new modest priced rod or reel?

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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    I'll probably stick with my Abel's

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    Hell that is a bargain, my wife paid $25 for tweezers the other day.

    While I personally am not compelled to reach back to my wallet to acquire a pair I bet the folks who are compelled certainly will enjoy using them.

    Like Ard I will stick with my fire engine red set of Abel Nippers and Hemo's
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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    Ehh, I'm sticking with my "Custom Classic" nippers in both freshwater and offshore line test versions.


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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    At only $100 the drag must suck big time.

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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    Crikees! An overpriced nipper thread in October?

    Shame on you SS!!

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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    Come-on, Dean, they've released them with plenty of save-up time for the Holidays. I'm speculating that they may feature a stacked, sealed, multi-element, graduated pressure hinge.

    For the few hold-out that don't yet have Abel Nippers, how does this design appear to compare?

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    Default Re: Hatch Nipper

    $100.00???? The ONLY way I'd own these if I were to hang them from the review mirror of my Ferrari.

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