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  1. Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    One could argue that I donít. Letís just say that they handle water surprisingly well if you donít let them simmer on the bottom too long.

    I use mine for photos and maps. I used to carry it in the waders, but I try not to anymore since accindently crushing it while doing conservation work. Had to replace the screen and realign the ĒchassiĒ but it still works like a charm.

    Now I carry it in a zippered shirt- or jacket pocket. Thereís a small ziplock bag in my backpack, in case of a downpour, but I canít recall actually using it.

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    Same and I now have an apple watch, not sure the phone required going forward

  3. Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    Quite a lot of responses saying leave it in the truck/car. OK but how do you guys protect your electronic keys?
    Or do they work after submersion?

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    I use a Kona Submariner universal case. I've tried many other inexpensive cases and this one outlasts them all.
    Kona Submariner Plus Size Universal Waterproof Phone Case, Cell Phones – Kona(R) Nickle's Arcade LLC

    It's easy to use and, so far, very durable. Best of all, I don't have to take the phone out of the case to take photos.

    As many others already mentioned, I take my phone in order to be able to take photos and then easily send them to friends or post them to this forum via Tapatalk. Even if I'm out of range for cell service, once I'm back the photos can be shared immediately without having to transfer them from a camera to a computer to be shared.

    As for my electronic keys, if my cell phone is in the Kona case, then I typically just use a freezer grade zip-lock bag. The freezer grade bag has thicker, more puncture resistant plastic. But you can also put the keys in the Kona.

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    electronic keys do not care to go swimming. they go with phone in something waterproof while i am fishing. Lotsa manufacturers make very small waterproof bags, but heavy duty kitchen quality quart/gallon size bags work ok too. I actually keep some of those bags loose in a tackle bag becuase i am contstantly finding something i want to keep dry -- like a candy bar, or a small fly box or ....whatever.

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    Lifeproof case. I already lost a phone, not taking chances any more.

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    I use an Otterbox for impact and one of these for immersion.


    I've dunked probably 2-3 phones until I finally got one of these. The problem is I don't always know where the heck I put it.

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    Anyone who has been around here for a number of years already knows that I'm a bit of a dinosaur but even a dinosaur needs dependable comms. I have used one of these for many years.

    Those babies will suck in a signal when others fail. They are shock resistant to the degree you can call them tough. Waterproof, check. Dust proof, check. Designed to function in extreme temperatures, checkaroo.

    So how do they hold a charge? You can talk on one for about 80 hours with a full charge and a charge lasts for many weeks under normal use. The one in the picture isn't mine, I've never taken a photo of my own but it is my phone, when I bought that thing they were quite expensive and I was told and the documentation reinforced the term Mil Spec in reference to the phones design. When the day comes that I need a new one they now have a Smart version, same size same specs but with all kinds of stuff I won't need.

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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    Thanks to my wife, I now have a system that works great for me. I killed two iPhones a few years ago so my wife gave me for Christmas a waterproof camera and a SPOT Messenger. After opening the presents and thanking her, she said, "I don't need to talk with you while you're in the river so now you can take pictures and get help if you find yourself in need to take your phone into the river now." My wife used to worry when I was off the grid climbing in canyons and rivers, but now she doesn't fret one bit because of the SPOT.

    I have an Orvis waterproof pocket that velcroes into my sling pack and keeps my wallet dry...and my keys go into my wader's waterproof front pocket (reason I bought my waist high Simms Waders).

    It all works for me....the investment probably saved me from killing a few more iPhones and if forbid I'm lying somewhere needing medical attention, the EMTs are notified and know my exact GPS coordinates to find me. Seems every year we have a hiker get lost and die in the mountains that would be alive today if they carried a SPOT with them (unless a bear or big cat jumped out of a bush and got them before they could push the button).
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    Default Re: Wading- How do you protect your smart phone?

    Great topic here! I'm amazed I haven't found it earlier.

    I picked up an otterbox dry box that fits my phone, wallet, and car keys and toss that in my sling pack. There's a foam lining so I don't worry about anything getting beat up too much inside of it. Only shortcoming is that it's a bit bulky so I'm not sure how it would work with my lumbar pack. I've also seen the waterproof phone bag things. Those intrigue me and I might pick one up for a test run. Normally, I don't need my phone while I'm fishing because there's either little or no cell signal. So using it to take photos is about the only good it does.

    I'm considering getting a garmin intouch gps so I can text if I need help or to gps locate where I am with my wife. But that's a whole different topic.

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