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    Thanks for all of the replies. I have been looking for a couple weeks and finally settled on a pair after looking on the web and trying a couple on.

    I tried on the Simms Zipit Bootie. I couldnít get into a 12 and the 13 was a little loose but not terrible. They have a huge profile so I didnít get them. I could barely get my feet into the Patagonia XL, and the shop didnít carry an XXL. I also thought the sole was a bit thin.

    In looking around the web I liked the Caddis Northern Guide Wading Shoe, especially with the back strap to put them on, but couldnít find a place where I could try them. I also couldnít find any reviews.I looked at some dive boot options in person. The SEAC seemed well made but the sole is way more than I need.

    I finally settled on the Aqua Lung 5mm Safe Sole Ergo dive boot in a 13. The sole is comparable to the Simms (maybe a tad less) but the footprint and surface area are smaller. It has a high upper, big zipper, and a study Velcro strap for the zipper.

    So I am not going to be able to try them in real world conditions until May Ė donít know if I can stand myself until then. Will report back. Thanks again for the comments!

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    Back from Cuba, got to say those Keen booties were awesome. Easy to slip into, high enough on the ancle, and the vecrose on the top kept all the sand out. the sole is tough, toe protector...I'm sold.

    Here's a canadian distributor, but you can get them anywhere:
    A great fishing trip isnít just going,Ö itís going at the right time, to the right place, with the right guide.

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    Coming back to this thread. So I bought the Aqua Lung Safe Sole Ergo, wore it for two trips. On the second trip while we were wading in Acklins our guide mentioned a couple times how much he liked my boots. Apparently he had lost his to Hurricane Joaquin, and he was wearing his cousin's borrowed boots. So I gave him the Aqua Lungs.

    When I got back, I tried the Caddis Northern Guide Wading Shoe, but they apparently are true to size. I am a 12 1/2 with standard cotton socks. The 12's were too small and the 13's too big. I did like the build of them and the back strap.

    So I bought another pair of the Aqua Lungs. Can't say enough good about them. And they are "guide approved" as well.

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    Default Re: Flats Wading Booties

    Very much depends on where I am fishing as to what I wear. I don't wear specific fishing branded flats boots & socks though as I found these to be a waste of money. Paying for the branding.
    For very heavy duty wading (Seychelles etc) I use Hi Tec Paraboots: 231231i3_ts.jpg
    For lighter duties such as Caribbean (Cuba Mexico etc) Gul Power Strap booties: 612ErwpvNtL._SL1000_.jpg
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