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    Default Re: Alternative Wading Boots...

    I've thought about trying a cheaper pair of regular old hiking boots. I had G3s and never again. I did find them comfy, but they literally fell apart on me in less than a season, and Simms wasnt much help about it.

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    Default Re: Alternative Wading Boots...

    These are my son's old Red Ball pac boots. One of the few things he wore out before he out grew them. I cut them down and use them when I duck hunt in my breathables. A lot of the areas I hunt are ag run off catch ponds, usually more depth to the mud than the water on it.
    These work pretty good, since they are a size larger than my regular shoe, so plenty of room for stocking foot waders. Big cracks in the rubber uppers? No prob; It lets the water out faster. You can see where I pop riveted the lace hole part back to the leather upper.
    Check around for these in the Goodwill/ Idaho Youth Ranch stores.

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    Default Re: Alternative Wading Boots...

    I'm still hatching in my little brain ideas on this in that I absolutely hate my G3's. Besides the fact that they take days to even a week or more to dry, I feel like the mob has set my shins down in concrete they're so stiff. Oh and lets not forget about that great ski-boot flexibility in the sole as well.

    Though I destroyed one ankle so bad they told me (at 17 and subsequent times) that I'd never walk again (though my dancing seems fine), and knocked my knees out of joint so often that I learned how to put them back in place on my own, etc., etc., boo-hoo woe is me (anyone need a tissue?), I still prefer a boot that gives me some flexibility within limits.

    Yep, I wear 10"+/- boots all of the time for the support they give my ankle and translate up to my knees. However, I like a soft thinner sole that flexes in all directions and lets me feel what I'm stepping on, insteps that let my foot rise and fall, ankles that move to the limits an ankle should move to, all for agility. Ski-boots are not agile, and because of that, they're clumsy, so you're clumsy.

    Frankly as far as what is offered as fishing boots I'm still at a loss. I'm almost tempted to get some cheap synthetic leather work boot, oversize it, make sure it is uninsulated for quicker drying, and has cheap soles so they bend, and simply plan on replacing them every couple of years or less.

    I really regret the G3 buy, and I only have maybe 20 hours in them, yet that means roughly 6-months drying time.


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    Default Re: Alternative Wading Boots...

    Regardless of what boot you wear, consider buying a simple boot dryer. For $30.00 you can dry your boots slowly (8 - 16 hours) with no harm to the leather. It also prevents the growth of mold and stinky bacteria inside the boot. I have no affiliation with anyone in the boot drying business, I just know that these little devices will make your boots more comfortable and last longer.

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