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Thread: Best boat bag

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    One thing I'd caution, if you haven't already pulled the trigger on one, is getting the right size bag. I've used the Orvis Gale Force for a couple of years now. Great boat bag, but it is fairly large and takes up a fair amount of room. If you look at their newest boat bag which just came out days ago, they seem to have adapted the smaller bag approach. My guess is for the reason of their older gale force was large. It's great that i can fit a ton of stuff in it, but i rarely need/use most of what I pack in it.
    I would second this. If I remember the Gale force bag is bigger than the patagonia. For me the patagonia bag is the perfect size.

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    I'm not sure what size bag(s) you need, but I'm going to suggest a potential alternative to a bag: consider using Pelican cases (or the equivalent). For most of my tackle--four reels, fly boxes, tips, shooting heads, leaders, tippet, various tools--I use a Pelican-style case that's about the size of a big shoulder bag. I got it from Canadian Tire on sale for cheap. It's waterproof, lockable, and can take a fair bit of knocking around. I've got another case, a Canadian Armed Forces ammo box which is made out of some sort of heavy composite resin, also waterproof and bombproof (no pun intended) that I picked up in a surplus store for $20. It's a bit smaller than the other case and holds knives and tools, my repair and maintenance kit, extra tippet, and a few other things. I don't usually fish from boats (sometimes canoes), but I could easily throw one or both of those into a boat and not worry about them. They often bang around in the back of my truck.

    That said, depending on how much gear and tackle you need to carry, you may need either a fairly big box or a number of them.


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    Talked to Patagonia. They are coming out with a new boat bag, I'm assuming it will be the same Material as the stormfront bags as it will be called stormfront great divider. Should be released in June!

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