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Thread: Best boat bag

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    Default Best boat bag

    Anyone have recommendations for boat bags?
    Looking to get one for a raft, not sure what people are using.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    30qt Cooler/DryBox

    I have this one. It works great...not really a bag though.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    I was more looking along the lines of the Patagonia divider or the FIshpond boat bag.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    Hi 802flyfish,

    What ever bag you select just make sure it has a hard plastic bottom of some kind. REI has the Patagonia Great Divider lll on sale. Don't know anything about the Divider but a really good price at REI.


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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    A few weeks back I bought the Orvis boat bag when it was on sale. I don't see it listed on their site any longer, but seem to remember the list price was $249 (way too pricey for me), but when they offered it on sale for $129 (or something close to that) I couldn't resist. I haven't had it out yet so I can't say how good it really is, but from just looking at it, it seems to be well made.....only time will tell.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    that patagonia bag is quite nice, especially on sale, but be sure it is big enough for your needs. It holds a few reels and a dozen fly boxes, etc., but not much clothing.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    I emailed Patagonia and asked them why they removed the boat bag from their website, haven't gotten back to me yet.. I like both bags so I'll probably get the cheaper one of the two. Looking for a place mostly to put my flies and maybe a phone or two.

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    I have the patagonia bag and it is great. I picked it up for $150 on steep and cheap but saw it somewhere else later for $125. I also saw the Orvis bag at $125. Worth every penny.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    I'm late but will post anyway

    Are we talking dry bags for gear on raft and boat trips? If so, I have three big ones and one medium size. The big red & black ones are Branded Lewis & Clark bags, they are stacked in the load in the bow below.

    I paid 64.99 each for those 3 years ago and they have taken a beating. They came from a Costco subsidiary here so I would think Costco may have them. The load in that picture was 86 miles out the rivers and headed home in the rain when I snapped that.

    They aren't fancy but they keep things safe & dry. I fit clothing for 2 weeks and spare waders and layers in just one bag. I also use them all winter to move things back & forth from the cabin that I don't want coated with snow and ice. So far they have not cracked in -30 weather or leaked during 80 mile trips at 30 mph in the rain.

    I use the medium for my tackle bag. All my stuff stays dry and the price is good as well as quality.

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    Default Re: Best boat bag

    One thing I'd caution, if you haven't already pulled the trigger on one, is getting the right size bag. I've used the Orvis Gale Force for a couple of years now. Great boat bag, but it is fairly large and takes up a fair amount of room. If you look at their newest boat bag which just came out days ago, they seem to have adapted the smaller bag approach. My guess is for the reason of their older gale force was large. It's great that i can fit a ton of stuff in it, but i rarely need/use most of what I pack in it.

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