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  1. Default Hiking with studded boots?

    For a while I wore rubber soled wading boots with Patagonia river crampons for grip. When I hiked into a place place, I would take the crampons off for the hike. This was ok except the combo was heavy.

    I switched over to G3s with felt soles and those grip well in the water and are a bit lighter.

    I am curious about Simms Vaportread boots which are closer to hiking boots but they only come with rubber soles and my memory of rubber by itself was that it didn't grip well. Anyone try them?

    I wonder if adding studs would help the grip but that might also make the hike difficult.

    I am curious if anyone has any experiences to share.

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    Default Re: Hiking with studded boots?

    I've got a set of Vaportreads and am pretty happy with them. 12 is my go to size for Simms boots and these seem a little smaller than what I'm accustomed to. I would certainly encourage you to try them on with waders and the socks you wear when wading.

    As for grip, they're great for hiking. I have the aluminum stars in them and climbing up and down granite lined canyons out west is a breeze. I'm sure footed in the river as well. The stars don't protrude outward from the sole as much as the Rivershed model which I owned before. Those studs were heavily exposed and this seemed to make the stars wear much faster.

    What I like about the Vaportreads is that they're very light and supportive. There's a good amount of rubber and metal hitting the surface they come in contact with. I think what you're going to see from Simms in the future are more options with the hybrid soles like they're doing with the wet wading designed Intruder boot. Rubber on the outsole and felt in the center.
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  4. Default Re: Hiking with studded boots?

    Thanks for the help

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    Default Re: Hiking with studded boots?

    I have worn Korkers for over 10 years and love them. They come with rubber and felt soles. I also spend a lot of time hiking with them and typically put the rubber soles on to hike, than switch them to felt soles when I get to the river. Very easy to switch them and they don't add a lot of weight.
    My Bomber K5's are the best I have ever had from them.

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