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  1. Default Alternative To Force Fins?

    Iíve Googled the subject, mostly found opinions saying Force Fins are worth the high price ($200+). But, most of those discussions are 5+ years old. Iím wondering if anything new has come on the market. Has anyone found a good performing, reasonably priced fin for float tubing?

    BYW Ė For me, most use will be on eastern Sierra lakes. Wind occasionally is an issue (E.g. Crowley, I need a good ďkickingĒ fin).


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    Default Re: Alternative To Force Fins?

    Buy a real live DIVING FIN!!!

    I've been on those lakes and am very happy with my Hollis F1 "bat fins".
    Spent something around $150. Both my float tube buddies have them now too.

    The foot pocket will not accommodate a wading boot, but I just use a pair of old leather walking shoes for the walk to the water, and they fit in the fin great. (FYI my shoe size is 12 and the largest size Hollis is the right one.)

    Learn to scissor kick and you'll make good progress in any wind that's not downright dangerous. I don't know how force fins became so pervasive, they only generate thrust in one direction of kick!

    To stay put when the breeze kicks up and starts to mess with your fishing just stick those big guys straight down. Works better than some silly anchor thing.

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    Default Re: Alternative To Force Fins?

    I had Force Fins for a couple years and liked them a lot; they produce good thrust for low effort. My only issue with them besides cost was trying to walk in them on steep rocky banks.

    Eventually I sold them for a pair of Omega Aquatics Flip Fins. About the same thrust, but require a bit more effort. The fins fold up against your shins when you need to walk. The price for these has come down slightly to about $130-$140 (originally $170). If you want to wear wading boots with them most of us probably need the XLs. I typically use a water shoe or Crocs, so I have the Large. They also come with inserts to improve fit if necessary.

    Here's a link in case you want to see them:

    Omega Amphibian Navigator Float Tube Flip Fins

    And if you're wondering, I've used Leisure Pro a couple times, so they are legit.

    Another option could be Outcast's Power Kick Fin, which so far as I can tell, is a clone/knock off of Force Fins for about $99. Never used them, but I've looked them over and they probably would preform about the same as a Force Fin. The fin retention straps are a nice touch.

    Hope that helps.

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