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  1. Default lines and choices

    I am looking for a decent line, and would not be too shy to shell out for a good line as I have found that it almost always pays off to buy good quality equipment if used frequently.

    My rod for now is a humble 4 piece ron thompson 9" #5/6 chinook that will be married to the reel I could not afford not to buy soon.
    I'm a newbie to FF so I'll stick to what I think to have learned by now and go for a WF6F.

    my shortlist contains;
    cortland 444
    SA sharkskin (although with RRP of 99 euro I'd order it for 99$ )
    airflo ridge

    but the latter as with the 444 can be had in many types, as I found out in a UK online shop sellling lines at a decent price.

    airflo ridge high float tactical trout
    airflo forty plus extreme ridge distance
    airflo ridge line distance with sixth sense core
    airflo ridge

    So I was hoping to get some advice on the version that would make the better choice from you experienced guys, I'll be fishing some still water probably for perch etc (hardly any trout water in my country), some rivers maybe some pike and on vacation some lakes, streams and rivers in sweden.

    I have to admit that my shortlist was completely built on what I have read so far(as there are many threads on the theme), and what seem to be all round favourites.

    any help is appreciated!

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    Default Re: lines and choices

    I'd go with the airflo ridge line distance with sixth sense core, but I can't say that with too much confidence since I know roughly nothing about the rod or your fishing conditions.

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    Default Re: lines and choices

    I have a 333+ and a 444 that are OK, but I really like my 555 Dyna Tip. I also recently posted that I just got a Rio GOld that I like even better. But, I have no experience with the other lines you mention.
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  4. Default Re: lines and choices

    Thanks for the help offered!
    My most frequent fishing conditions will be ponds, small lakes, rivers and streams, the Netherlands being flat as a pancake has a moderate sea climate like most of the southernish part of the UK (read as wet and windy), combined with zero elevation and most of it lies below sea level so most water is artificially transported and rocks are a rarity(weeds are the norm however). To compensate are the Belgian Ardennes (hilly area) quite close, and I could do some more serious trout fishing in fast running waters there.

    from what I've read I concluded that the 555 is better suited for cold weather, which is a rarity over here, but I'll gladly accept opposite opinions if this is incorrect.
    I'll read up on the rio gold some more, somehow that brand appears not to be sold much in my region.

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    Default Re: lines and choices

    Not knowing how your rod casts ..... it is difficult to give you a recommendation.....howeveer if you are new to flyfishing I would stay away from Sharkskin.... at $100 US it is too expensive for what little additional benefit you might get. I am a RIO fan and have the Selective Trout tht I don't think would be good for lakes.....and the Rio Grande...which I love - but it is for fast roda and is a 5.5 weight. I have never cast the Gold but it sure gets a lot of positive feedback on this and other sites...and is listed as an all purpose line - so if you are going to do lakes, rivers and streams with one line....that might be the way to go.

  6. Default Re: lines and choices

    I fish about 3 to 4 days a week and I do fish year round here in the Rocky Mountains.
    I used Orvis for many years (but then I worked for them ;-) It is good line, but the past few years I have expanded.
    I now own the GOLD and the SELECTIVE TROUT II and the Older RIDGE LINE (the stuff that is on sale right now)
    Out of the three, the Ridge line is my go to line. I only use WF, never been a big fan of DT or TT but that is just me.
    The Sharkskin is a good distance line, but from the raw finger reports, I wonder what it does to guides and even the blank itself.
    In cold weather the ST II is probably the best with Gold right there. The Ridge Line I have (like I said they have made improvements) has a lot of memory in the cold. Easy enough to straighten but there non the less.
    Just My $0.02 worth, but I LOVE the RIDGE LINE.

  7. Default Re: lines and choices

    thanks guys, cold weather will be the least of my worries in my area ;-)
    The rio gold is not to be found in the online shops I' ve visited sofar, and the specialty shops are kind of rare in my region.

    So I guess it is going to be the airflo ridge (btw the box seems to show the new polyfuse design as found on this site Line Rating #6) on one reel and a second to be chosen at a later stage, for now I'll spool my current line on the second spool I ordered with the reel.

    I hear your comments on the sharkskin, was also wondering about abrasiveness to the guides and probably want to await some experiences from users on that aspect.

  8. Default Re: lines and choices

    I await to hear your thoughts on it. I was blown away the first time I cast it.

  9. Default Re: lines and choices/Sylk

    If you can, I suggest casting the line on your rod. Some lines are heavier than others and will affect the action of your rod. Also, I've found that specialty lines cast differently. For the buck, I like the Cabelas line. However, to me the most important thing about a line is that is has low memory. I'm using a Sylk line on my four-weight and I love it. Maybe I can cast farther with other lines, but to me, line tangles are one of the worst things about fishing.

    In the end, whatever line you buy is a compromise, like so much else in life.


  10. Default Re: lines and choices

    It's always been important to me to have the right fly gear for the conditions of the moment. After 46 years, I literally have more lines than I can remember.
    You've got a rod of a size that will handle trout, perch and similar size fish very well. You need some variety in lines to handle different conditions. A weight-forward floater is basic, of course. You also need a fairly slow sinking line for lakes (in the shallows) and shallow streams; then a deep sinking tip for faster streams. Later, a fast all-sinking line for deeper in lakes. You'll use the first two the most.
    Don't put too much money in deluxe or unproven lines. They've been making modern fly lines almost since WW II; they know how to do it. Even economy-priced lines perform well. Save your money for extra spools for your reel.
    In time, when you know what other fish you want to pursue, think of another outfit, at least two sizes larger or smaller.

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