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Thread: Tippet Tantrum

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostdncr View Post
    I would still be there trying to get the first one tied on!
    The guide tied them on. I wear a magnifier on my hat or I wouldn't be able to tie on anything. I can't see up close but have 20/20 vision.

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    I was out on Monday and I was tying on some #22 gnats, #22 ants, #20 & #22 dries, and #24 copper johns to throw at some native brookies and spooky browns. For aome reason I had a lot harder time than usual. I thought "good God man youre 24, focus.........." Most of the problem, I hope, was because of my contacts. Im overdue for a new pair and everytime Id focus on something close one of them would go blurry on me then Id have to backup, reset, then go again. It sucked! All the while I kept thinking about what all of the anglers who are more mature (I tried to put that delicately ) were talking about failing eyesight and having to use larger flies and such.
    Ah, look at all I have to look forward to.....

    It's not what I catch when I'm fishing, it's what I lose that matters to me...
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    I have been using 6X and I have to say it is a pain, think I may move to 5X. And as stated above forget 7X.

    If anyone is interested I have finally found a technique for tying a clinch using 6X that is a snap. I have trouble getting these old fingers to do what I want them to do and problems seeing, that darn 6X is almost invisible.

    I don't have an exact video for how I do it, but here is a YouTube link that sort of demonstartes the technique, look at the second one not the first one. Also I use a Dr. Slick set of Tweezer that I have on a zinger instead of forceps. I use the tweezers on a zinger to assist with getting flies out of the box also.

    [ame=]YouTube - Clinch Knot[/ame]

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    I gave up on 6X a long time ago due to losing good fish. As I contemplated what to do I learned from a good friend, Bruce Staples, that he rarely goes smaller than 4X and he still manages to catch a fair amount of fish. I settled on a compromise and now find myself doing 90%+ of my fishing with both drys and nymphs with 5X and using a Duncan Loop knot to attach my flies, especially the smaller ones in 20 and 22 sizes. The loop allows the fly to move in the water and not be constrained by a big old tippet knot. It has worked and worked well for me. The Duncan Loop knot is a truly effective part of my arsenal and I feel it leads to more success using stronger tippets.

    [ame=]YouTube - Duncan Loop[/ame]

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    Kelly, I agree with the 5X and I think that is where I will end up also.

    Thanks for sharing the Duncan loop, I am going to give it a try, but I have doubts about these fingers doing the twisting. I have heard other people comment on the fly presentation being better with a loop so I am going to give it a try.

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    Maybe I'm in the minority, I don't mind 6x or 7x when required. I do use the C&F threader when putting on anything smaller than #24 though. It's rare that I have to go that small, but if I'm fishing over selective trout I'll do whatever I need to as long as it increases my hookups.
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