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  1. Default Shelf Life of Line, Backing, Tippet, etc

    I'm about to buy some dacron backing for the spare spool that I picked. While 500 yards is cheap, I am hesitant because I am concerned about shelf life. What does everyone think?

    If I keep the stuff in a drawer inside the house, will it last?

    What about those too-good-to-pass-up closeout deals on fly line and tippet? It will certainly sit for a while...

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    I bought the 15 roll pack of tippet from flyshop closeouts and the only problem so far is when I use to much horse power on the 6x and 7x.

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    Hi Pneumatic,

    The last fly line and backing I bought had been in the store long enough to accumulate about 1/4" of dust on the packaging, and the only problem with them is the line is a little stiff in cold water, but I'm not sure if it's because the line is old or wasn't made for cold water. I don't see a problem with backing though as long as it's dry and dark, but I'd have to think that fly line would show some signs of age.


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    Default Re: Shelf Life of Line, Backing, Tippet, etc

    Of the 3, I think backing has by far the longest shelf life. Assuming it was good quality polyester/dacron backing kept in decent conditions, I would expect it to last 15+ years.

    The shelf life of the other two is trickier. I'd say in both cases, if I was embarking on a fishing day of much significance, I would want my line and tippet/leader to have rolled off the assembly line within the last 5 years.

    They main key with both is to keep them out of extreme heat, and UV exposure. (based on the heat part, I currently need about $300 of new fly line. yet another case of "do as I say, not as I do")

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    In 1974, I bought a 500 yard spool of white 20 lb. test dacron kite string and used it as backing on several fly reels. It's still in service. I also have Greenspot dacron backing of about the same vintage still in use.

    Dacron is known to be much more resistant to sunlight degradation than nylon. It's the material of choice for items of more importance to human survival (if not happiness) than fishing: tree climbing rope, where it's rated for 80% strength after seven years, and implanted catheters and vascular shunts. Used in sails, dacron is claimed to be, even after some stretching after many years" use, to be suitable as shirtmaking material, for shirts that would "last for fifty years." Dacron takes about 150 years to degrade naturally.

    My guess is that dacron backing would last for a lifetime, provided only that reels are stored out of the sunlight when not in use. That would be much more important for the fly lines that it's attached to. I confidently tie leaders out of nylon mono that is decades old, stored in shoe boxes at room temperature.

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    Default Re: Shelf Life of Line, Backing, Tippet, etc

    For the most part line, more so braids, dont have an experation date on them. Plus if your line does go bad for some reason you will know it. I keep my line in an area away from the sun. They say UV will damage regular mono. Now since mono is more or less plastic that can be expected. Somethign like dacron or other braids UV does little harm to them. Ive had line in the boat for years that has seen very little sun but has gotten wet from time to time from ruff waters or fishing in the rain. That line was just fine. However, like I said if it goes bad you will know it. The line I put on my walleye jigging reel this spring was such a case. Dont know why but the line was very twisty coming off the spool and was very easy to snap. Just feeling it I could tell it was bad. It did not have the same smoothness to it like other lines go. It was also twisted coming off the spool. Since your looking at a braid line you should have nothing to worry about as far as storing goes.
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