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    Thanks!!! I'll be looking forward to your order. I'll do everything that I can to help.

    Also... you can place an order by phone if you want. Just call us at (903) 520-1930.


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    The time will come when you will outgrow your beginner's rod ... but you will never outgrow the Sylk DT 5-weight. The 5-weight has always been considered the "trout rod," and for good reason ... it acquits itself well against our finny friends as long as the handler knows how to fight a fish.

    The DT is the best choice, by far, for those requiring a line that will roll cast efficiently and effectively. More than that it will mend better than a WF and if you wanted more, near the end of its career, simply reverse it and start all over again.

    Given reasonable care, the Sylk will last you for more years than you can imagine...

    As for your casting skills ... I am unsure whether you downloaded "Excerpts." If you did, do not make the mistake of reading a passage and then trying to put it into practice the next day. Instead, take a copy with you outside to the practice green. When the cast fails to do what it is supposed to do -- stop! Using the reference at hand, analyze your error and find what you did that I said not to do.

    I hasten to add that you will find it hard to find a better shop to acquire your fly fishing goodies then the prices offered by The Full Creel.

    Comeback with your questions ... and please call me Doug.

  3. Thumbs up Re: What fly line to buy

    Doug yes I did download the excerpts and printed it out and went outside. Some of the exercises I found kind of hard because of a slight wrist injury/carpal tunnel. For the most part though I must say that the exercises and the steps that you recommended helped out greatly. Before your steps I was lucky to get out 20ft on a good cast with a 5 mph tail wind. Getting about a 35 to 40 foot cast now as long as the memory doesn't get in the way. Was getting real frustrated with that problem and that's why I decided to ask about the new line. As far as the beginner rod and reel I realize that I will outgrow it and want something better. I just didn't want to jump into a expensive rod and reel and then realize that I either didn't like fly-fishing or couldn't do it. But when I do get ready to step up to a nicer set-up this will be the first place I'll go for advice. Just want to add that because of all the nice people on here and the wonderfull support I just upgraded to the premium membership status. Never would've done it unless I thought that it was worth it. Great support and advice my thanks to all of you.

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    Thats great! Now you are eligible to win this outfit! Wouldn't that be great if you won?

    I am wishing you luck!

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    Freeze ... You are more than welcome ... If I can help in the future, give me a yell.


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    Would be nice to win but not holding my breathe. Especially since a fishing buddy at work is trying to talk me into going trout and salmon fishing with him sometime next month or so.

  7. Default Re: What fly line to buy

    If it were me... it wouldn't take much talking. If you have the chance... go!!!

  8. Default Re: What fly line to buy

    Trust me never turn down a chance to go fishing. Just never fished for trout before. Been salmon fishing once with a friends equipment.(wasn't a planned trip) That was a total disaster between bad knots and junk reels lost both fish. I don't think that the 5-6wt rod would hold up to a salmon but a trout shouldn't be a problem I hope. The only thing that would stop me from going would be the wife.(horse show or something else to do with the horses) Will definetly let you know if I go and how I do.

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    5-6 is plenty rod for trout. I favor a 4wt for most os my trout fishing. But I always take a 5wt as well. Incase there is wind..

    This trout was taken on a 4wt.

    23" Strawberry Reservoir Rainbow... fun fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by fshfanatic

    23" Strawberry Reservoir Rainbow... fun fun
    Nice fish, was it tasty?

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