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  1. Question What fly line to buy

    Have finally gotten tired of the cheap fly line that came with my beginner set. Both me and my fishing partner are looking at new line. (to much memory) Mine is worse than his. Been looking at the cortland line. I've read the reviews on the forum and am a little confused on which line would be best for me. I fish mainly for bluegill with it. The rod is a 8 ft 5-6wt. I understand the different titles for the line wf, dt, & level. The problem is all the varieties in one class of line. Take the cortland 555 class there's 5 different ones on cabelas web site that are in my weight range. How do I know which one is right for me?

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    It's hard to go wrong with a Scientific Angler GPX.

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    Both Cortland, Scientific Anglers and Rio make excellent lines ... The reason for the different flavors is to try to satisfy the many appetites of fly fishers. You've already hit upon one of the reasons: your problem with line memory isn't a problem down south; in fact, few of us down in these waters would even consider throwing a line that would work perfectly for you.

    You didn't mention the rod maker's name or the action, so I will assume it is a moderately fast graphite with fiberglass scrim.

    In the cooler waters of the North, the Sci-Anglers GPX is a an excellent general purpose line; Cortland has one matching the GPX in their 555 and/or 444 lines ... The real issue, however, is what you want the line to do in fishing your waters. Frankly, I would recommend the Cortland's Sylk simple because you are not that far along in fly fishing. It has no memory at all and a composition that will feel good to you ... Since you do not have to worry about long casting, I would suggest a 5-weight, double-taper. It will easily give you 60-foot cast with almost anyone's rod. Don't for a minute believe that double-tapers are a thing of the past -- the are not!

    If you have more information available, I will be happy to make a more specific response


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    Absolutely... You can't go wrong with any of Cortland's premium fly lines. If you want to try one let me know... I'll pay the shipping.

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    As for the rod manufacturer it's just a el-cheapy South Bend Royal Coachmen. Just bought it as a beginner kit at Walmart one night. Like I said in my post have been looking at the cortland line. Everything I've read seems good. Just so many choices and so new to the sport of flyfishing it's confusing. Going to talk to my fishing partner and probally order new line for both of us at one time.
    As far as casting goes I've been averaging about 35 feet before the memory gets in the way. Have tried the tricks you've suggested and still there.

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    You cant go wrong with a Courtland line. I fished them exclusively for numerous yrs.

    Have a look see

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    Did some more checking and will take Mr. Macnair's advice on going with the Cortland Sylk. As for the offer from the full creel. I appreciate the offer although I didn't notice the Sylk on your website. If you have it and I over looked it please let me know. Hopefully if this line is as good as everything I've read it should make my el-cheapo perform better than what it does.

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    Steve has numerous lines that he hasnt listed on the site. I picked up an Airflow uniform sink from him a couple weeks ago and he doesnt even have that line listed. If it is by Courtland, he can get it for you..

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    The Sylk fly lines are listed at

    Let me know if I can help.


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    For some reason my computer is being a pain and won't let me bring up your site. Probally has to do with the storms that rolled through this morning. I'll say this much though. Once I do order the new line I'll be ordering it from your store. I would rather deal with someone on this matter that knows what they're talking about than to deal with cabelas or bassproshops. Only other option would be to see if one of my local bait stores could order it and they'd probally order it from the same place. Will be getting in contact with you on this.

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