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  1. Default Colored Bead Heads?

    Has anyone used colored bead heads when tying their flies? Like These

    I have seen them for sale and on flies like the Frenchy Czech Nympy but have never used them. Example

    If you have used them or heard from others that have....what were their/your thoughts? I have always thought they looked cool and have been close to trying them just to see what happens.

    Thanks for your input.

  2. Default Re: Colored Bead Heads?

    I've used them on numerous flies. Especially egg sucking leeches and various nymph patterns. Truth be known I have not really noticed much of a difference in colored and uncolored beads attracting more fish. Possibly they are more for the fisherman than the fish but then again.................Anyway, they are worth a try at least to spend time at the bench. Good Luck

  3. Default Re: Colored Bead Heads?

    Thanks for the info FlyfishnakedInc. I will give em a try like you least gives me some time at the bench.

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