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    Default Re: Korkers Wraptr Wading Boots

    Finished my second year with the Greenbacks. I had to buy new soles since the felt wore down too much. This time around I went with felt and studs and really like them. The ankle support is getting softer but I can lace up tighter than when the boots were new. Knock on wood, looking forward to another season.

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    Default Re: Korkers Wraptr Wading Boots

    I now have a couple of sessions on the wraptr. So far I have only used the triple threat bar sole, but I've used the Korkers felt on my old boots enough to know they work well. My first impressions of the Wraptr w/ triple threat bar: The boot is very rigid, also very heavy. The soles definitely add weight to the boot, but the boot itself is still pretty dang heavy. I did not expect them to be comfortable as they had so little flex, but to my surprise, they actually were. The lacing system worked much better than the boa on my old boots and they stayed very secure on my feet. The aluminum bars work better than I expected, but the traction is somewhat directional. Once I learned to trust them I think the grip is as good or better on rocks, and many times better on dirt than felt. They did get uncomfortable walking down the road. The bottoms of my feet felt a little bruised after a mile or so. This was asphalt, on the dirt road I didn't notice any discomfort. But this is the beauty of Korkers, I can swap the soles if I know I have a trek down a road. All and all, I like the boots, but would probably rather have a lighter boot with the same lacing system. Considering I bought the boot for durability and longevity, it makes sense that it weighs more.

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    Default Re: Korkers Wraptr Wading Boots

    I'm done buying korkers boots. The interchangeable soles seem like a good idea, but this past fall alone I lost the soles off of two boots, creating some dangerous wading conditions for me.

    First pair, the Whitehorse boots, only used for about 6 months and the nub that attaches the sole on the back of the boot fell out, causing me to lose a nice brand new studded sole and I ended up slipping on some rocks and smashed my shin on a boulder.

    Next, the k5 bomber, used maybe 1 month and same thing happened, the nub came loose on the heel and(another) new sole comes detached and leaves me stranded with no tread. Luckily I was in a sandy area this time... I ended up fixing the nub with some epoxy, but it's still a major design flaw and dangerous IMO.

    If it weren't for these flaws I would love the boots, they are very comfortable and light. But these soles are too big of a problem for me to continue using them. It's pretty bad if the tread on the soles is outliving the boot itself...

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