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ckalanik 09-22-2008 02:40 PM

What is a shooting head?
what is a shooting head, and what is it for?

do people make them or buy them?

randyflycaster 09-23-2008 09:33 AM

Re: What is a shooting head?
A shooting head is a 30' to 40' front part of a fly line that attaches to a running line. A shooting head gives the angler the advantage of not having to carry extra reels and spools, which also saves him or her money. Also, some feel shooting heads help increase casting distance.

On the downside, they can be awkward to cast. You have to have the whole head outside the tip quide if you want to double haul.

If you're using a 30' head, you probably want to use a line two weights up from your rod.

The recent thread on shooting (running) line might be helpful to you.

You can buy shooting heads or build your own.


Joni 09-23-2008 10:42 AM

Re: What is a shooting head?
Maybe this will help:

Shooting heads DIY - The more than Adequate Shooting Head DIY, a guide to building your own shooting heads for fly fishing - Global FlyFisher

I have the multi tip in an 8 weight, due to the fact I don't fish EIGHTS that often. That way I only need ONE reel.
I don't really care for them, but I see there use.

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