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Thread: Line for Less Than 35?

  1. Question Line for Less Than 35?


    Can anyone recommend a good line for under or around $35.00? By good I mean:

    -little to no "twisting" while on the reel
    -Low memory
    -Fairly slick
    -Available in DT

    Currently I have Orvis Wonderline (Gen. 3) on my reel and I absolutely hate it. It has high memory, it twists to no end while it is on the reel, etc... Pretty much does everything I don't want it to do...and all that for around $70.00; nifty...

    I figured I would try the other end of the spectrum before dumping nearly $100.00 into another fly line.

    Thank you,

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    I would check out cabela's lines.

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    the cabelas bargain cave usually has lines on sale but a limited selection.

    personally i like the lefty kreh line. it retails for $40 but you can find it for as low as #35 from like

    if i was you i would save up and buy something else. for that price you dont know what your getting. the lefty krey is cheap and good and lines like that are hard to find. Just buy a $50 line and you'll have a great line and no problems.

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    Hi Seth,

    You are wanting top performance from an inexpensive line. I don't see that happening. Here are two lines that I suggest you check out. They are $64 lines.

    1. The RIO Selective Trout II Fly Line. It is available in WF and DT lines.

    2. The SA Exact Presentation Taper (XPS). It is also available in WF and DT lines.

    Both of these lines are supple and will have less memory. I think you would be happy with either line.


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    check out hook and hackle's hi floater line for about that price. ordering online through their automated checkout makes it $30. i have yet to try it but many on the bamboo and fiberglass boards like it. i rarely hear of "graphite" people liking it but then i rarely hear of them trying it. comes in olive.

    rio's classic line comes in DT. so does their mainstream for a bit more but both should be around your price point i think. i feel rio makes good quality products.

    and scientific anglers Ultra 4 lines are not only available in DT but incorporate their AST coating, same as their premium lines i believe.

    i've never heard anything bad about any of these lines (though some with poor or failing eyesight have said they have a hard time discerning CERTAIN shades of olive colored lines).

    just some options to ponder. personally, i would go for the hook and hackle and/or rio lines but it seems i always stumble across great deals on premium lines for the price point you're shopping and end up going for the premium line at a great price. good luck.

    fresno, ca.

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    by the way, feather-craft has a big end of season sale going on now and i just saw the SA trout lines for $35. limited weights available.

    fresno, ca.

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    There's a place in Ohio that has Rio Grande and Rio Selective Trout WF lines for $35 w/free shipping.

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    Default Re: Line for Less Than 35?

    The Hook&Hackle private label line. A reel bargain !!
    High floater, very supple. Reportedly a olive colored version of the 444 peach

    Talking of cheap lines....
    I have a bunch of the Northern Sport factory second lines from this place
    Out of maybe 8 or 10 of these lines that I've purchased, I've been happy with all but one.
    They're $9.50 each and free shipping. Sometimes there a even better deal if you buy 3
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