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Thread: Cleaning and preparing flyline

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    Default Cleaning and preparing flyline

    One very nice product for cleaning and preparing the fly line is "303 aerospace protectant". Cortland sold it as a cleaning product for some years ago. After treatment the line shoots very well and is protected for UV and oxidizing.
    One procedure for keeping your line in god shape is
    1. Use Cotton Patches (Cleaning Patches for gun) to clean the line.
    2. When there are no dirt on the patches. Moisten one patch with 303 aerospace protectant and wipe the line with the patch.
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    Default Re: Cleaning and preparing flyline

    Hotel rooms offer the lodger a variety of bathroom items: sampoo, shower caps, etc. They'll often throw in a shoe cleaning pad, probably because they don't want you to use the towels. These are excelent for cleaning your fly line; grab as many as you can.
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